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Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy warm weekend

Omega loves warm weather.  He loves to go outside and relax on a sunny day, he'll go and play golf then spend the rest of day reading.  There is one thing about him, he's not a big cuddler when the weather turns warm.  He doesn't rebuke or yell or push away, he simply moves and continues until he runs out of bed.  Then he'll more or less put up with mouse squirming beside him.  Omega turns the fan on high.  Which will generally cause me to become cold, and scurry under the covers...this is calculated by him, because when the weather turns warmer, he will put the covers all on my side of the bed. 

I'm sure there will continue to be a few night so falling asleep in each other's arms, but those will become further and further apart as summer progresses.  

Is it wrong to say I can't wait for fall?

I know this is short, but seriously not a lot went on this weekend.  Maintenance continues in the morning, and life is very ritual and routine oriented.  

The mantra for the whole weekend was...boring weekends are a blessing....


  1. I am the same way, once summer hits and the heat is well over 100 I need a 5 foot radius around me. *laughs* I am so grumpy in this heat. Why oh why did I chose to live in the desert?!

  2. I love to cuddle with my lizard all year round. We will be bird watching on the back porch this weekend, one of my favorite activities.

  3. Gray...LOL ya it's not even that hot here yet. But in the evening because there's normally no breeze the whole house heats up awful. Of course I'm one of THOSE people that gets chilly at 71 degrees...

    NDT....bird watching? Ugh...had a bunch living in the attic last year...woodpeckers drilled a hole. I really think birds are evil.


  4. I'm surprised that he doesn't want your cold feet to cool him off.....

    Good luck --


  5. I don't like to be cold and would move back to Spain in a flash if it was possible. We both love the warm weather. Not warm yet in the UK but they say it will be around 22C on Friday, maybe time to get the sandals out :)



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