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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Domestic again

The weather is finally warm enough to pull out the umbrella stick it in patio table, and open the windows.  This also means for me, taking the vacuum to clean out all the little buggies bodies that found their way behind the screens all winter long.  And do it quick too, before it starts raining again.  

Make no mistake this is her second most favorite time of the year.  The AC isn't on, and neither is the heater.  The most favorite time of the year is between September and October for the very same reason.  No AC, no heat...and it's mouses favorite because of the much cooler evenings.  

Dunno what it is about this house but each evening it starts getting warm just after sundown and stays warm until around midnight.  There's no breeze to speak of and if there is it's usually blowing the wrong freaking way.  Meaning across the windows rather than inside them.

It stays light later here too than it did in California.  Half hour doesn't seem to make a huge difference unless it's the 4th of July and you can't light off any fireworks until after 10PM.  I know, it could be worse...could be living in Alaska.  

So yesterday mouse spent most of the day cleaning windows....inside and out where she could...taking the vacuum to the dead buggie bodies, and just overall not having much fun.  Especially when it started raining afterward. Ya...Feel like one of those old shampoo commercials...rinse and repeat...

But in the evening hours, with O home and the cable out, we sat in the dark (by choice), candles lit, and looked outside the big clean picture windows at the lightning show outside.  

How sweet that was.  And mouse wasn't the least bit scared!  


  1. Mouse, I also love being able to have the windows open. The fresh air is great and invigorating. I hold off on the air conditioning until I can't stand it anymore. Thumbs up to snuggling in bed too :)

  2. ally...oh ya...I love this time of year. Well except when it starts raining and then I have to run all over the place closing windows.

    It's much cooler today...should be great for snuggles.


  3. Hey!!! I live in Alaska! Hhehe for us though the light part is the best since we just got over almost all day darkness for six months.

  4. Maria,

    OMG that would make me crazy...not light for months??? UGH. Bitter cold and darkness...This mouse would LOSE her mind!

    And let's be honest half the time she's half way to crazy. Seriously! I have a hard time handling days upon days of rain and then snow during the winter months...dark cloudy skies...I couldn't deal with total dark.



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