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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

words not written

Weird, but true.  Not everything that goes on makes it into the blog.  Ya, surprising isn't it?  Sometimes it goes unnoticed by Omega.  Other times he'll read and think, "hmmm she didn't mention..." half the time he'll question it directly.  The other night in bed we were talking, pillow talk mostly about how things between of been since that week of hard use.  The week he let the inner mouse out.  This week has started kinda even..not great, not horrible, just even.  He noticed almost right away the lack of anything substance wise going on in my blog.  I've written mostly this week about cleaning. 

Last Friday Omega gave mouse permission to use her Hitachi Magic Wand.  Oh and I jumped all over that!  After several really good orgasms, mouse dutifully sent Omega a text thanking him. At night when he got home from work, he asked for it.  The Magic Wand.  The Hitachi.  Confiscated.  Quietly mouse went upstairs, gathered it, and brought it downstairs. Omega took into the basement put it into the box he keeps all the toys (at least the really fun ones), and removed a plug from the collection there.  

He handed it mouse and said for her to wear it each morning.  The plug makes mouse feel full...ya duh.  It makes her feel vulnerable too in some weird way.  It also makes her feel horny.  Then he had mouse get onto the gyno table, put her legs into the stirrups, and manipulated her body.  He made her moan and groan, wriggle and writhe but he didn't let her complete it.  He didn't allow her to orgasm.  He brought her carefully to the edge and stopped.  He filled his needs and just stopped short of letting mouse orgasm.  He whispered to mouse that she's not allowed anymore to touch herself.  Not even to shave herself down there.  

Frustrated, hot and bothered, mouse accepted this.  Saturday, more of the same, this time in our bed.  Sunday...repeat.  Monday morning, he did horrible things to mouse with his mouth.  He brought her soooooooo close and dropped her.  Saying something about an alarm and needing to shower.  He gave her a final swat on the rear, and sent her downstairs to cook his breakfast.  

He told her not to be poky about it either.  

Last night after the bath, he came to mouse with the plug in one hand and clover clamps with weights in the other.  He put them on her, bent her over and put in the plug.  Shivering, cold and wet, she felt small and vulnerable.  He grabbed her hair, led her to the bed and had her there.  He was rough, slapping her into position.  His use was thorough and when he bent over her and whispered that she should orgasm for him....she let go.  Lost in a world of lust she drifted.  Just like that.  Did she orgasm?  Dunno.  Don't remember.  Today her bottom is covered with marks, her back has scratches and she feels high.  

This morning when she got up, she found a note beside the French press.  From Omega.  Detailing the morning routine mouse is to follow.  It ends with "...see you in the basement."  


  1. Oh my.. *fans herself* I adore and hate not being able to come. I do believe I am jealous of you mouse! hehehe

  2. I have very negative feelings about orgasm denial. I have never had a positive experience with it and the one time I experienced it long term (8 days) I was left in such severe pain down there that I could barely do my job (I had to walk with my legs apart)... and I was an owner operator of my own business at the time... not good. And quite humiliating... I was telling people I had a heat rash... thank goodness it was summer. Plus I was in almost constant tears toward the end of it. It was really a horrible experience.

    For a day or two it's not so bad, but for long term... for a woman anyway... it can have serious psychological and emotional effects. To the point where I've heard of one woman actually becoming violent. Now it was kind of extreme in this case... she being tormented throughout the day for several days and finally she lost it and started throwing things around the house in a fit of rage. But it's a good example of how being kept on the edge and being denied release can have such a negative impact.

    Also, for a woman... having an orgasm after denial may take the edge off, but that feeling comes back and often worse than before. After those 8 days it took nearly a month to balance myself back out again.



  3. Interesting to read about your experiance Turiya. I have read about men sometimes abstaining from orgasm, because it keeps them sharper and more aggressive, gives an edge, in their day. I wonder if maybe women react differently. My impression is that not reaching orgasm instead makes women feel crappy - but gives no edge. Or still horny and out of focus because of it, not sharper.

  4. Today was even better Gray!

    turiya...I think he actually has a plan or a method to the madness.

    I'll probably be explaining more in tomorrow's (?) blog post...gotta talk to him more about it first.


  5. I may not be saying much, cuz you're on such a different path than mine, but I'm following with interest and rootin' for you all the way.

    Just lettin' ya know... :-)

  6. Master C would never allow me to touch myself and I only see him once a week. It is horriable and I find myself getting cranky, especally after reading all these sexy blogs.

    But ihave to admit that when Master C and I are together **Fireworks**



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