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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I find at times, when you know someone very well, what they do not say is often more important than what they do.  I imagine fear might play a role in that.  Fear that they are trying to at the least cajole, and at worst top from the bottom. 

I expected mouse to write about her voyage into orgasm denial much sooner than she did.  Perhaps it was the frustration? 


  1. Maybe it was a form of payback--making you wait because you made her wait!

  2. Sir, I think honestly that many men don't understand how orgasm denial affects a woman. It's not the same as with a man where it motivates them and moves their thoughts away from self gratification. In fact, self gratification becomes an all consuming torment. A women tends to stop thinking about the pleasure of others and starts instead to obsess over the ease of her own discomfort... and it can be very uncomfortable. In fact, it can cause severe pain... even walking can become quite painful. I was kept in orgasm denial for 8 days once (not by Asha) and it became so bad I couldn't even walk with my legs together.

    It also messes with our minds. It creates a deep sense of insecurity and great angst. Think along the lines of PMS x 10. I read somewhere (and I wish I could find the article) where someone actually talked about the possible effects on the hormones when a woman does not often have orgasms. For a day or two it's not so bad, but for extended periods of time it can create really bad imbalances... to the point where the woman can no longer think rationally. In fact, some women (those who are very needy in a sexual sense) can have a tendency to become violent.

    I hope my bluntness on this doesn't offend you. Orgasm denial seems to be such a big thing in this lifestyle and I have a really difficult time understanding why. For a short time it can heighten sexual pleasure... but for extended times it can cause major psychological and emotional imbalances. It's really not a positive experience for a woman at all.

    DT may have been correct in saying it was a form of payback (I doubt it, but he could be correct), but if he is I can almost guarantee you she had as little control over her behavior as a pregnant woman in a hormone rage.

    With Respect,



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