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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


As mouse opened her eyes and saw Omega standing over the bed, holding a cup of coffee, she squirmed uncomfortably, it doesn't take much to bring out feelings of failure when she's emotionally wrecked.  Feeling she had failed because he had to make his own coffee and wasn't given his pleasing wakeup.  He pulled back the covers and climbed into bed beside her.  She couldn't get close enough, and thanked him again for the beautiful scene.  She cried as she apologized for not waking him up, and making his coffee.   We talked a little about it, and mouse was not in trouble. We talked about the scene as well, but mouse was too disoriented to thoroughly explain all the thoughts in her head.  As the day passed she found herself mentally tied to Omega.  Without complaint she stayed at his feet, not on her knees but just sitting at his feet.  He would reach down with his hand and tussle her hair as she quietly remained still.  She would nuzzle him, begging for him.  He allowed it.  He obliged.  He eventually invited her to rest her head on his lap while  he watched a movie.  His hands would fondle her, eliciting moans of pleasure.  When the movie was over he slapped mouse's behind and said she should get ready for dinner.  Oh seriously, was it that late????

It was.

We went upstairs and mouse readied herself, showering, drying, applying makeup.  He picked out the dress for the evening, and even some pretty panties (yes there are few of those).  Hmmm.  Dressing quickly she looked herself over, as he came up behind her, caressed her body.  The slutty mouse felt loved, and highly desirable, despite her hair not doing exactly what she wanted (isn't that always the way?).  He placed around neck a strand of pearls, and kissed her earlobes as she gushed over how beautiful they were.  

He wasn't finished lavishing gifts on the slutty mouse.  He had her place a leg on an ottoman, and he lifted her dress, pushed aside her panties, making her moan a little, and felt something being pushed inside her sex.  Then he took his hand away, replaced the panty...straightened her dress and said now she was ready for their evening out on the town.  She felt this thing inside her, kinda moving around a little as she walked.  He assured mouse it would not fall out.  It didn't.  She got into the car and almost forgot it was in there.  As he walked around she felt this curious sensation.  An odd vibration.  OOooooooooooooooo  He knows the slutty mouse is thrilled with any type of penetration.  She'd rather have something inside her than stroking her.  OMG this was intense.  We drove a few miles, and went to a lovely new Italian restaurant in the area, and mouse was surprised to see Lucy and Schroeder waiting for them.  We all slid into a large booth, and chatted.  Omega ordered wine for the slutty mouse and Lucy.  The men drank cocktails.  Ever so often, if mouse got a little loud, ate a little too fast (which she does when she's really hungry) she'd feel this vibration.  Her eyes would get wide and she'd be convinced everyone in the place knew what was happening.  She felt a flash of humiliation.  It was as intoxicating as the wine.

A band started to play, jazz music filled the place.  We stayed for the set, honestly mouse would have stayed there whole night.  The check was brought, the bill settled.  The night was still young, Lucy and Schroeder said we should go to this funky coffee place, O agreed.  It was funky.  Coffee, donuts and really weird poetry.  We laughed and talked...slutty mouse wriggled a little when she felt the vibe.  It was late when we finally got home.  Amped up with coffee the slutty mouse couldn't settle down, and she thinks Omega enjoyed it.  

We went upstairs and undressed each other.  Omega lingered a little with mouse, eventually nothing was left but the pearls, earrings and the vibe....that sweet magical vibe.  When he finally removed it she felt empty inside, so he replaced with something better.  Himself.  The slut had no problem begging for orgasms.  Not sure but thinks we both fell asleep while making love. 

Friday night was wonderful....Saturday wasn't too shabby either...


  1. so glad you had a wonderful weekend, I hope your today will get better :)

  2. Sounds like O is a romantic at heart. Sounds like it was a wonderful evening. It must give you something nice to think about during the week - that's one of my favorite parts of nice weekends, something to remember.

  3. mouse, you have a way of narrating that is so good!!
    and leaves me wanting :(
    and the rush of doing something no one knows in public is undescribable.
    *sigh* i wish!
    i'm jealous!
    have a nice time :)
    - hugs Alujna

  4. Oh Mouse, what a lovely weekend you had and told so lovely.

    Having a wonerful weekend all ways makes the week ahead so much better.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


  5. *sigh* How I wish... hehehe. Glad you had such a great weekend, though. I know you needed it! :)



  6. Sounds like two quite different, yet both very exciting and good days. And you tell it so well, with great presence, I get the feeling of being there (I'm sure there's a better idiom that escapes me at the moment).

  7. mmm... wow. Sounds like a very nice build-up, and wonderful release. B)


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