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Monday, May 24, 2010

Friday night...

Omega had a few more instructions for me before he left for work.  He asked that I place a chair into the middle of our play area, gather some thumbtacks, and bring in the light for the gyno table, into that part of the room.  Later he sent a text saying I should wear a garter belt, corset, heels, and my overcoat.  

Yanno, as I did those things I started wondering what exactly he had in mind, and I started getting really excited about the whole thing.  I was aroused the whole day in anticipation.  Even maintenance that morning didn't help, the orgasm I was allowed to have only made me more aware.  

O sent a text around noon saying I didn't  have to worry about dinner, he would pick something up on his way home.  So, I was left thoroughly with nothing to do but wait.  And wait....time stopped.  The minutes clicked by painfully slow.  

Finally I received a text from him saying he was on his way home.  Over joyed I readied myself for the night.  I did exactly as he asked and was wearing the overcoat (he happens to think a overcoat is sexy) when he walked through the door.  He pulled me close and kissed me.  A deep delicious probing kiss. He went upstairs, showered, changed his clothes and came back down wearing a different suit.  It was the whole deal..tie, everything.  

I chewed my lip, and became very nervous.  He led me out the front door, locked it, set the alarm and led me to the car.  I gulped.  I was going out wearing nothing but a garter and corset under an overcoat???  Oh no this was wrong!  In the car, he toyed gently with the overcoat, pushing it open with his finger.  My breathing quickened.  We drove a quiet restaurant.  Went inside, were shown to a corner booth.  We sat on the same side of the table.  He ordered my dinner and a glass of wine.  We chit chatted about the day.  Ever so often, under the table his fingers would wander my way, opening the slightly the overcoat.  I dropped my fork when he whispered into my ear for me to part my legs.  My mind raced...was this really happening????

He quietly, moved his hand down my thigh, and just grazed that area with a fingertip.  He brought that finger up to my lips and had me lick it to taste how wet I was.  If my heart was racing before...that was nothing.  

No dessert was ordered, he told the waiter he would get dessert later.  I blushed, turning the whole red spectrum.  

He paid the bill and escorted me back to his car.  He kissed me again deeply pressing my body against the car.  My heart was melting.  He could have had me in that damn restaurant if he wanted to.  He could have had me in the car...I would have done anything.  My edit was off.  That little part of my brain that worried about other people said, "fuck this I'm outta here."  I guess he asked me three times if I enjoyed dinner before I actually comprehended the words he was saying.

Back at home, he led me down the back steps and into the basement.  He looked at all the things I had gathered.  He arranged the chair, and lamp to match the picture he had in his head.  He removed my overcoat, and gazed at me.  Then he told me to be still.  He went and got the sandpaper, and using the tacks attached it the bottom of the wood chair.  Then he invited me to sit on it.  At first I'm thinking this isn't so bad.  As long as I don't move much it's not a problem.  He bound my hands behind my back.  Then he parted my legs and bound those to the chair.  He had me scoot forward just a little bit, and adjusted the binds.  Then he blindfolded me. Through the blindfold I could feel the light shining on me.  His hands were all over my body.  I was twitching, and each time I moved the sandpaper rubbed against my rear. He told me not to speak.  Moans and cries were welcomed tho.  

I felt him untying the corset, I felt myself being able to take in full breaths again.  I felt the clamps being placed on each nipple, and I let out a scream.  I felt exposed, raw...yearning.  

I felt the sting of wax being dripped, the feeling of something being poked into me, something sharp...I struggled, but kept my bottom still, convinced I had to be bleeding (I was not).  My breasts were spanked, pulled and tortured.  After what seemed an eternity, I was untied, lifted from the chair and that horrible sandpaper.  He led me somewhere else, but I was so disoriented I couldn't tell where exactly.  I felt my arms being lifted over my head, my legs spread, my shoes removed.  Again open, exposed.  

The slut slowly began to realize this was her dark fantasy being played out and struggled to remain present for it.  Oh how she wanted to mentally record each sensation!  This was IT!  The dark stuff of her dreams....The stuff she had told him about.  The secret stuff she swore she'd never reveal.  

When it was over, she was spent, and reduced to liquid.  Or maybe something more like Jello?  He held her long after it was done and later still he helped her into the safety of the cage.  The slut, awakened, raw, sucked contently on her pacifier.  The penis gag.  While he sat nearby and his eyes pierced her.  Quietly processing the scene... 

In the end it was a mental dream come true.  Safe.  Omega helped the slutty mouse out of the cage, held her close as she cried and thanked him, and cried some more.   She rubbed herself against him in that way he loves, she opened herself to him and he took her against the wall.  His power and force easily overwhelmed the slutty mouse, but he didn't allow her to fall.  He helped her with the overcoat, turned out the lights, and guided her up the stairs.  Her body felt stained. As far as she knows the funnel was not used and he hinted he would save it for next time.   

Straight to bed went the slutty mouse.  In the morning, she found Omega holding a coffee telling her she overslept.  


  1. WOW - what a fantasy, what a reality!

  2. Wow. I could not stop reading. How sweet to have your darkest fantasy provided for you.

  3. OK, I can see not lovin' the sandpaper but it's not as bad as I had feared/imagined. (Still our secret, tho', right?)

    Clearly a far, far better Friday night than was spent chez Jz.

    Now, I only have to possess my soul in patience to learn about the (*gulp*) funnel...

  4. i so enjoy your posts, very exciting and sweet...what a lucky little mouse..

  5. Part of me is giggling like a giddy schoolgirl... the other part is like... holy crap! LOL So glad you got to live out your fantasy, though. Not something a lot of people get to experience!



  6. "Straight to bed went the slutty mouse. In the morning, she found Omega holding a coffee telling her she overslept."

    Oh how you make me laugh! But I want to say THANK GOD he used the thumb-tacks to hold the sandpaper down. I saw a man once push tacks through his subs bra (Out to in) and shoe soles so they stuck out the top, then he had her walk around wearing the items. It wasn't much for the shoes, maybe 1/16 of an inch or less, but they were 4 inch platform stilettos and between the idea of it and her reaction I have to tell you tacks will never be on any list of mine except the one for things not to bring. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  7. Wow,,,, heckova dream come true,,, and yeah, i've long referred to oral service as,,, pacifying myself

  8. Wow,,,, heckova dream come true,,, and yeah, i've long referred to oral service as,,, pacifying myself


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