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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where mouse contemplates being thankful and Wife Swap

Guilty pleasures.  We all have them.  To some it's candy or ice cream to others it's TV shows that are just too bad not to watch.  But more about that later...

Today, mouse is thankful for her life with Omega.  One year ago today, we exchanged promises, and since then life has tried to kick our asses but we've remained very strong and very committed to each other.  So, today mouse is thankful and grateful to Omega for taking her on, and making her life better than she ever imagined it could be.  

Ever watch the show Wife Swap?  I have to admit I get a chuckle each time it's on, because like a car accident you just don't want to watch, but you can't look away either.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of the show, two wives swap husbands and families for a couple weeks, they get make changes.  It's never easy tho, they'll send hardcore atheists to homes with deeply religious people.  Funnily enough the atheists are often accused of devil worshipping.  Um...being atheist doesn't just mean you don't have a belief in  god but also the devil. Yanno?  

Each time I watch the show I start thinking to myself how much I would LOVE see a lifestyle like mine.  What would my personal manual on how my home is run read?  Each wife must prepare one so the incoming wife knows how they live.  And they have to live that way for a whole week.  

"I refer to my husband as Omega because he's the last man I will ever submit my life to.  He makes all the decisions in the house and leads with an iron fist (or paddle).  Each morning I wake up, make the morning coffee and get his breakfast started, then I go upstairs with a coffee cup in hand and wake him by offering my oral services to him.  I have given everything I am as a person over to his very capable hands.  No move is made without his guidance or direction.  If he wishes me to be silent, I will only ask permission to speak.  If I break a rule I expect to be punished for the infraction.  I pamper him by arranging his things just the way he likes it.  

After his breakfast, we generally go into the basement, where he gives me several whacks on my bare bottom, which we refer to as "maintenance."  It helps me maintain my focus on where it should be...On him.  After he goes to work he leaves me a list of duties to perform during his absence.  He will also add things sent via text message which must answered right away.....

Now that would be entertaining!  Not really network entertainment...maybe HBO?  


  1. My mouse,

    You have made me exceedingly happy. Each day, you please me. I adore you. You are my life and I would not change a thing.


  2. What a thought mouse! Though I'm not sure HBO is the right place for this idea. *ponders* I would certainly watch!

  3. mouse, I would watch that episode for sure, I've seen wife swap once or twice, I can just imagine them sending an overbearing and controlling women to your house for a week. Would the network really expect her to go through that routine? Hmmm... that would be interesting.

  4. oh mouse...can you just imagine the look on the other womans face when she reads your "list"
    i would watch that program and giggle til i peed...

  5. I have often wondered the very same thing as you Ms. Mouse!!! I think it would be absolutely awesome to have a show for us kinky people!!!

    Humbly His,

  6. Your version of "wife swap" would be so entertaining. Even better than the time one of the wives made a family dress in midieval costumes for a week, which is my all time favorite. Your Omega would most likely end up dealing with a very bossy woman though.

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. Oh my, I'm actually tearing up at these wonderful declarations of love. I wish you so very many more years of happiness and growth together!

  8. Fun idea. And what a nice comment from Omega.

  9. There has been a couple of UK Wife Swaps that I have seen over the years whereby the wife really did act like a slave and was happy with that. Those involved may or may not have been involved in D/s relationships, I don't suppose we would ever really know as it would not be something the production company would be likely to dwell on.

  10. It might be me I would be most fascinated not to see the other women in your house but YOU in hers.

  11. As a girl who doesn't watch TV (other than you know who)
    I'll admit to having momentarily had my eyes bug out over the juxtaposition in your post title, Miz Mouse!

    but I think you could sell it...

  12. Congratulations Omega and Mouse, (huggs, huggs, kisses, huggs). I'm all choked up with happiness for you. I pray many, many happy years for you in the future.

    p.s. but not too choked up to envision the trade wife walking into the basement during those first few moments when she is touring the house alone, eeeeeeek!!! just the idea is howlingly funny :)

  13. Best wishes forever and ever and ever,,,,,

  14. Omega, I don't know what to say. You have given me so much. "I love you," isn't even strong enough to describe what I feel.


  15. Gray, It would be interesting...

    ally, OMG that would be soooo funny....she'd read it and say no freaking way....

    His mountain girl, It really would be funny to see that. Just once someone with a little kink to them would be fun.

    Heaven, I think there should be one.

    Serenity...Oh of course they'd have to send one extremely conservative.

    Ms Lennoxx, I'm gushing too. I'm so very lucky.

    sin...thanks so much!

    shape shifter...really? That's interesting. I would love to see a hardcore BDSM person involved in a swap.

    J Sir...muhahahahahaha That could be Verrrra interesting...verrra interesting. glad you mentioned you know who....because what was I going to say? Gosh you know who is very distracting.

    CD, thanks for your very kind words and the video is wonderful. As for the swap...OMG I forgot they get to do that...Can you imagine what they'd be thinking when they saw the playroom?

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Hugs to all,

  16. OMG... I just remembered you mentioned this post and came to read it! LMAO

    Okay... *deep breath* First, I need to say congrats to you both and Happy Anniversary! I hope you're having fun and can't wait to hear all about your weekend.

    And... I only watched 10 minutes of one episode of wife swap. It was a Christian and Pagan wife who were swapped, and the way that family treated that pagan woman... it was so horrendous I couldn't keep watching and haven't watched since.

    That said though... I'd definitely love to see an episode where someone was put into a D/s household (especially yours). That would be funny as hell!!!



  17. That certainly would be some great entertainment!!!


  18. Mouse, this post really made me giggle! Thank you for taking the time to share your ups and downs. I enjoy your blog immensely.


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