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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where mouse contemplates deal breakers

Recently in an email someone asked (and I'm paraphrasing), since Omega and I seem so well suited for each other is there anything he could do (or vice-versa) that could make me leave him.

I think every relationship has limits (now I'm not talking about lifestyle limits).  These are personal limits, or moral limits.  The things we do are just that they are the things we do.  Sure some might think they're abusive because O has used a cane on my rear.  Not to mention all the other stuff I've written about within the pages of this blog.  So, I'm not talking about that what I'm talking about is a real deal breaker that would make me leave Omega.  

If Omega became truly abusive, of course I would leave and if he showed abusive tendencies to his child, or to my dog I wouldn't fuck around I would take them and leave.  Then make him leave (after all it's my house technically).  If I felt that my life was beginning to resemble anything or anywhere to what I had in the past with Alpha, I would leave him.  This includes using his position over me (in a bad way -- not a playful way),  to keep me quiet or gain his way.  If his addiction became out of control, and that caused him to lie to me.  These are deal breakers, etched in granite.  

Other addictions I guess could present a deal breaker situation.  Drug or alcohol's serious business.  I don't have a lot of patience for that kind of stuff.

Here's another one that O and I have discussed, but I've never discussed this here.  Oppressive behavior; I joke a lot about Omega being a control freak. He's neat, organized, and every minute of his life is kinda mapped out.  Even his downtime is labeled.  Remember last year when we took the side trip to see Crater Lake?  He planned it, acted like it was a surprise side trip and ya it was really great but when I saw his itinerary, I suddenly realized that he had it written down.  His idea of spontaneous is kinda different from mine.  Mine is more like, waking up and deciding to do something.  It's not planned and if it doesn't work biggie.  With Omega his downtime is planned.  Like the side trip to Crater Lake.  

So, if Omega started going crazy and getting truly oppressive, while it would be discussed and tried to be dealt with, it could present a deal breaking situation.  


  1. I think that is very honest. People who say that they would stay together no matter what -- aren't being realistic.

    There is always a deal-breaker.

    and that's a good thing. We have to keep at least one toe on the ground.

    For what it's worth -- sounds like the likelihood of any of those things happening is very very slim


  2. I am in a constant battle with myself over being neat and planning things and just letting everything go because I'm too involved with other things. At least it's never routine, lol.

  3. Those sound like good, sound limits to me. It would be interesting to hear about Omegas limits, too, but this is of course your blog. Another thing that I started wondering about is - not what kind of upping of the things you do that might be a deal breaker, but rather the opposite. Is there some level of lessening or stopping doing the things you do, that would be some kind of deal breaker? Not that that sounds likely to happen, the way you two seem to be enjoing where you're at. :-)


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