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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where mouse behaves herself

...And the beat goes on...  The silence.  The pouting (tho someone swears they are NOT pouting).  

...Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain, la de da de de, la de da de da...

Yesterday morning at breakfast, Omega finally broke his own silence when he told mouse to get into the basement.  There he didn't demand to know the plans but did (as predicted) insist he did not pout.  I gave him the understanding wife look and agreed with everything he said.  It drove him crazy.  Fully prepared to be spanked but he didn't.  Half expected punishment, but none occurred.  He just said he was interested in what mouse could possible have thought to do, but mouse only smiled.  

As mouse worked through the day, doing chores and other things, she caught herself smiling to herself.  Omega has always been such a terrible control freak.  It's not surprising that this might through him off balance a bit.  Even to the point where mouse started feeling a little bit sorry for him, going as far as considering briefly a teeny little bit of the plan.  Then she decided against it.  

Around lunchtime the phone rang and mouse answered it, hearing her mother in law's voice on the other end.  "here it comes..." He spoke to his mother.  She was trying to gather information to report to him.  Maybe she wouldn't have told, like she assured me she wouldn't have.  Too risky mouse thought hours later as she prepared the evening meal.  Loose lips sink ships after all and what would all those French resistance people think?

When Omega came home, mouse had all his things arranged, his slippers, and cocktail waiting.  The TV remote, and sports.  After mouse served dinner, she cleaned the kitchen, then settled into the sofa beside Omega, and asked permission to read.  Yes, mouse was being extra good.  Nothing risked.  When bedtime came, mouse readied his things (a new attempt at spoiling him), and then got herself ready.  We climbed into bed and he pulled his mouse close, taking possession of her mouth, and mouse responded by offering her body to her Master (but not her words). 


  1. I know it has been hard fought for, but this sounds like a beautiful place to be.

  2. I seriously envy your ability to keep it to yourself... wow!

    @ Omega, sometimes the best things are worth the wait! ;)



  3. Oh greengirl it totally is! I couldn't be happier.

    turiya...It's a scorpio thing.


  4. Oh, this is just so cute. I get a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling from these posts about the surprise. :-)


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