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Monday, July 19, 2010

Where mouse makes plans and Omega laughs

The weekend was wonderful.  Omega had planned to play golf all day on Saturday, so I decided to make plans with Lucy and a day trip to the local Indian casino!  Ya, we gambled.  We didn't do too badly and we had lots of fun.  On the way home we stopped for some dinner, and slowly made our way back to reality.  Omega was home when I finally drove up, kinda cranky because I guess his golf game was off, and he found himself on his own for dinner.  He said that if he wanted the bachelor life, he wouldn't have gotten married.  Awww he missed me!  

What I didn't tell him (aside from the cute guys that bought Lucy and I a drink at the casino) was that Lucy gave me some wonderful ideas for celebrating our anniversary this week.  I have everything planned.

Ya, me!  The one that who can't organize her way out of a bag, did it all.  This year with Omega has rubbed off on me.  When I told him "not to worry" about the anniversary thing and that I had worked out everything myself; he was kinda nonplussed.  Or maybe that was downright disbelief.  Whatever it was he's going to have to go with the flow and leave the details to his air headed mouse.  I know he's been busy lately too and I also know that the whole anniversary thing really snuck up on him.  After my month of craziness I also figure I owe him a little surprise.  

How did he react by me keeping a secret from him?  He pouted and played the "master card" heavily.  He banned mouse's voice, and subjected her to various forms of humiliation all which she took in stride, much to his...dismay?  The truth for all his talk that secrets aren't important, when they involve him they're damn important.  But mouse held her ground, even tho it was shaking under her feet, and wouldn't share the details.  

Even now I know exactly what he'll say when he reads this...'mouse,' he'll start, 'I'm certain I did not pout."  He might even cock his head, or do that Mr. Spock eyebrow arch thing he does.  

Believe me, the man pouted!  

Go on...take my word for it.  

I told him he could torture me and I wouldn't talk.  My mouth was closed up tighter than the French Resistance during the German occupation of WW2.  

Of course that's how mouse ended up being still for the remainder of the weekend.  


  1. oh mouse...that is soo cute! have a nice celebration.

  2. I'm sorry mouse, but your discomfort(?) mad me laugh :)

    It sounds like even though Omega pouted over being left in the dark you both got some fun out of it! Good job keeping your mouth shut! I'm sure it was rather difficult.



  3. Damn, I love you guys. You have a fun dynamic, I never know exactly what to expect. Please let us know how Omega reacts to your post! I think all your readers will want to hear about this one!

  4. WOO HOO... you go girl! You're much braver than me. Mostly because I'd be so itchy to want to tell him to try and keep it a secret. I'd be soooooooooooooooo tempted. I probably wouldn't even be able to sleep. Come to think of it... now I can't wait to hear about it! :-D

    I'm sure the pouting (on his end) and the torture (on yours) will be worth it in the end!



  5. His mountain girl: I can only hope he enjoys it as much as I have planning it.

    Alice: We really did. He said I'm very disarming. I'm going to assume that's a good thing.

    NDT: He reacted just as expected...well with a small exception ;-)

    turiya: Oh ya...I know what you mean....I'm glad lucy knows and ya I might share some of it with you too ;-)

    Hugs to all,


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