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Friday, July 16, 2010

Blah blah blah

Ya, I know life goes on.  Good thing too because if the world somehow really stopped spinning we'd all be screwed.  The weekend away was wonderful!  Time with O on the boat was wonderful.  We really need to do this more often.  

When we returned on Tuesday evening I found my email box, voice mail and every other way to reach me filled with messages from work.  I guess something happened.  Something not very good, so instead of blogging about the wonderful weekend getaway, I spent all the time working and doing laundry.  While I'm at it, why is it when you go away there more freaking laundry than when you're home?  

During the busy work fiasco Master of course was wonderful.  When I complained about not having enough time to do everything, he naturally offered his assistance with some heavy handed micromanagement.  After putting in a lot hours, the crisis averted, and life returned to normal (whatever normal is).  Master then insisted that I meet him in the basement for some very heavy play and that left mouse feeling happy and floaty all Thursday night.  

In other news our first wedding anniversary is coming up.  Can't believe in just a week it be a whole year!  Well, plus twenty-something of fooling around.   During that time we've had some pretty major bumps but we came through them all without any problems and that's amazing.  Really weird is that we have nothing planned for the day!  He's working, and I'm working so that adds up to nothing planned.  Well, until Friday and this mouse isn't saying what she has in mind for that.  


  1. "why is it when you go away there more freaking laundry than when you're home?"

    That surely is one of life's mysteries and sooo true!!

  2. "why is it when you go away there more freaking laundry than when you're home?"

    As mysterious as the socks that somehow disappear whenever they go through the laundry. Somehow in 6 months I've lost at least 7 pairs of socks... where they go is just beyond me.

    Glad the work crisis is over and you got to play :). Have a wonderful anniversary and anniversary celebration!

  3. Congratulations and warm wishes to both of you on your upcoming first wedding anniversary! :-)

  4. Oh wow! It has been a year already, hasn't it? I keep thinking it's only a couple of months until it's been a year since I resubmitted to Asha! It's gone so fast.

    Well happy early Anniversary to you both in case I don't talk to you again. You've both truly been an inspiration to me this last year with your strength and determination. I can't wait to hear how you guys celebrate (even if it's not exactly on the day)! *big hugs*

    @ Alice, I think I've solved the mystery of the missing socks. I honestly believe the dryer eats them. Ever since I've been in Australia and we haven't had a dryer I've never had a pair of socks go missing. LOL



  5. Happy up an coming Anniversary to you both.



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