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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where mouse finds a summer house

In the midst of being in mental hell, an opportunity arose.  The type of opportunity that you can't just say, I'm sorry I'm too busy, too scattered, and too harried to deal with.  A broker friend of mine gave me a heads up that a house was available.  The kind of house that I was looking for, for Omega, the kiddo and yes even the dog.  I didn't actually go see the house, because it was too far away and I wasn't sure if I'd even like it.  My friend the broker, sent me via email a million pictures.  Every angle, the flaws and good parts.  Lots of good parts.  Yes the beach path is steep. But doable.  Hell if my broker friend can do it in less than 10 minutes with two bad knees and a heart condition (he's a very determined broker).  I can certainly handle it.  

We had him originally looking for some lake property, in the mountains, but when this became available I decided to take a chance.   I didn't tell Omega, not sure why exactly at first.  Just one of those things so many things going on, I just neglected to say that the broker phoned.  Also the word golf course would have gotten him too excited.  Really wasn't thinking about our anniversary at least not at first.  In fact I sent the money for the down payment, and signed the papers and completely forgot all about it.  

Ironically, when the stress had passed I got a voice mail message from our broker saying everything went through, and it was time for us to sign the papers.  Uh...what were the terms?  Was I financing? Paying cash? What the hell had I done?  Was I crazy?  I hadn't even seen the place.  I was told I had two weeks to approve or back out, and because I was busy I blanked and forgot all about it.  In effect I was kinda stuck.  Being kinda irresponsible really paid off because had I been thinking about it, I might have backed out and missed out on this chance of a lifetime!  

I went and signed the papers.  Two days later after my check was cashed, I was brought the keys.  That was last week.  It was then I had looked at calendar and realized just a few days before our anniversary and suddenly I had a gift.  Kinda made the Laurel and Hardy handshake I'd gotten from Omega seem kinda small even.  I had outdone the king of outdoers.  Now I was beset with worry...what if he had decided to surprise me with something yanno similar?  

He had talked about it but after quizzing the broker, decided I might be fairly safe.  

The big question was would he like it?  

Like I wrote yesterday, we arrived and he looked around at the empty house (we did have bedroom furniture but he didn't see that until later).  We ate on plastic furniture, the little picnic basket I packed.  He was being a good sport and didn't ask a lot.  I think he thought it was a rental (lots of rentals in the area).  No furniture, no stove or fridge.  Hey, gotta say but I was being foreclosed on, I might take them too.  Suddenly tho, when recalling what a friend had told I did run to the bathroom to make sure the toilets were there.  They were.  

I didn't tell Omega anything and later after spending time looking at the ocean, we went to bed.  Ohhhhhh the bedroom was more beautiful than I could have imagined...Seriously Thanks Lucy for helping with that.  Fair sky blue walls and dark mahogany furniture, a beautiful large four post bed, with the dresser and armoir.  Lucy sold me her mom's antique writing desk, which fit perfectly in the corner and she provided lots of candles at varying sizes.  

Omega lit the candles and we settled into bed for a wonderful evening.  

In the morning, he explored the house a little bit more, and found the golf course within view.  He also found his golf clubs in the closet.  He actually bounced on the bed a bit.  Genuinely excited.  Truly he hadn't figure it out that we owned this house!  He just thought it was a crappy little rental.  A fact made evident while he was nibbling on my ear...saying the next time we come to this area we must find a place with better furnishings.  I told him that he could furnish it anyway he wanted.  He blinked.  He sat on the edge of the bed and asked me what I did.  

Well, I kinda bought the house.  

Then it started....well this will have to be replaced and look at these floors, tell me you had a report done, could be rotted with termites...etc.  Thankfully the broker was smart enough to have all that done.  The house despite having some issues was very solid. Or in mouse terms, the house had great lines, and bones but just needed some love.  He spent a couple hours reading over the reports, and then wanted to see all the other documents.  Naturally, they were all with me.  

When all was said and done he felt I made a very good deal, then I noticed it.  His eyes darting to the closet.  You want to play golf?  I asked in a half pout.  I added that since we needed furniture I'd just head out to town and see what I could find on my own.  He shot a look between me and the closet.  Then looked at his watch.  I feel it.  The pull of golf was mighty.  He said he'd be contented with a drive by just to see....

I had him at the Pro Shop.  There he had the same look in his eyes I get at a good shopping mall. 


  1. WOW ... sounds like you found a diamond in the rough Mouse, and for Omega to say that you made a good deal must have made you feel absolutely ecstatic!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! Have fun decorating the place and don't forget to share some before and after pics ... The place sounds absolutely wonderful!!!

    Humbly His,

  2. mouse: Congratulations! I hope you have many happy years in your new summer house and I am so pleased that it has all worked out so well.

  3. I still find it amazing that you kept this all from him the whole time. I mean, as much as he notices things... that must have been hard! I'm so glad he liked it though... and that you both have a new "toy" to play with. :-D



  4. Congrats mouse! I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into though putting the golfer on the golf course. I have a family member that golfs, and believe me it absolutely is an incurable mental disease. In my experience the difference between crack cocaine and golf is, they have ways to ween you off of crack. Glad it all worked out for you.

  5. How lovely to read this. I hope you will both be very happy in your new home x


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