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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where mouse learns a lesson

Omega often loves teaching mouse new things.  Like that our interests are totally different at times.   The dam burst when she finally showed Omega the house and out came the decorating magazines out of the closet.  He's tired of hearing about it already.  Ya, of course he'd be happy in a cave, where he can grunt and scratch himself.  Nothing wrong with that.  It's just hard because mouse is passionate about this project and has a vision of how it will look.  Omega doesn't really care about vision or maybe it's just mouse's vision he doesn't care about?

The fulltime house we live in is suffering the distraction of phone calls, overrun now with catalogs, and not to mention paint samples.  Today, I'm taking the kiddo and dog and heading to the new place to meet with a painter.  Not sure but we might be spending the night.  I've already cooked a meal for Omega, and arranged his things so when he comes home there won't be a lot to do.

This actually makes me feel guilty.  


  1. Any time we have house work done (we just had hardwood floors put in) it creates stress as things get turned inside out and upside down. We grow familiar with and enjoy the routines of our life. But the end product is worth it.

  2. Awe, why do you feel guilty? I seriously doubt it's what Omega would want. I'm sure he's excited about the house too... I think that interior decorating, though, is more like a chore for most men. So I think he's probably just perfectly happy to leave you to it.

    The way I see it in my head... you're all gung ho over getting the house fixed up just right... and somehow he can't stop thinking of the golf course that's essentially in his new back yard. LOL

    Just have fun with it! I'm sure he'll love what you do with it.



  3. Mouse,

    I don't think that Omega doesn't care what your vision is, but a thought did occur to me. By your own description Omega would be happy in a cave. Consider that he just got his vacation house, the golf course is apparently within walking distance, the clubs are in the closet and you are in his bed. For the moment everything he needs to be happy is at his fingertips. Let him enjoy it a while. When he's ready he'll start getting visions, and you can help then. Soon enough he'll start to think of little things he can improve. That's when you hit him with vision.


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