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Friday, July 30, 2010

Where mouse discovers how much Omega missed her

It's been too long since mouse went to the stylist for a color.  It sucks because mouse has been putting off having her hair done properly (time constraints and such), so this time it she knew it would take HOURS.  Even though her hair needed it, the mouse actually debated canceling the appointment.  

See, she spent the night at the vacation home with the kiddo and dog and her appointment was early, not to mention, it's a long drive between the two locations.  At first Omega suggested that mouse just go to someone close by to her, as that would save her the trip.  However (and female readers might get this) stylists are special.  You can't just go to any old person anytime.  You build a relationship with your stylist and they really get to know much like a therapist almost.  You form an intimate bond with them.   You work around their schedule.  If you desperately need a cut, and wait too long to call for an appointment, only to discover they're on vacation, you wait for them to return.   

So before dawn, she loaded everyone into the car and started driving back toward home.  Thankfully she made it with a little time to spare, to slurp some cold coffee and read Omega's to do list.  Nothing too exciting on the list but he did instruct for mouse to text him when she got home.  

He didn't reply until she was seated in the uncomfortable chair getting her hair wrapped in foil.  We chatted that way for a bit, and he commented that he missed his morning routine.  Awwww he missed his mouse....well he missed his morning blowjob.  Probably also missed her making his coffee, arranging his things, turning the water on for his shower, cooking his breakfast......

Omega wrote that he didn't want mouse returning to other house until the weekend.  That made her smile.  After the hair appointment from hell (4 hours for her whole head color weave), she returned home, put on some make up and started cooking dinner for her Master.  He came home early carrying flowers, he never said specifically what he missed about mouse being gone from him overnight, but she could tell that she was clearly missed.  

In the evening we went down into the basement, and mouse was commanded to strip off her clothing and to get onto the spanking/fucking bench.  He moved mouse in the position he wanted, so she was most exposed and venerable, then he shackled her wrists to the sides, and pincer clamps to her nipples, and some type of clamp to her clit.  Moments of searing pain before she felt the first blow across her backside.  His implement of choice was the cane.  Not sure what was more frightening the sound the cane makes as moves toward mouse, or the pain of it actually hitting.  After properly adding the stripes to her ass, he moved onto her more tender exposed parts, toying with them, making her nearly forget the pain of the cane.  He started biting her, soft nibbles at first then harder.   Inner slut, locked away for a while came out, and said whorish things.  The pain of the clamps were forgotten, backside pain left by the side of the road, and all that was left was the lust.  

Remembering exactly what occurred is nearly impossible for mouse now, just snippets of sex coupled with pain.   When she came around she was in her cage, sucking on her penis gag.  Omega smiled to her and helped her out, held her close, and helped her up the back steps.  He tended to her stripes, and helped her into bed.  There it did not stop as he wrapped himself around her and again she felt him enter her body.  Softly, gently her mind vanished again.   Reduced to less than a puppet, dangling on a string and pulled by his will.  

In the morning she woke to find herself with him in her mouth.  Content and loved.


  1. Aww flowers and a wonderful evening with your Master....lucky little mouse....*smile*

  2. Mmmmm, lovely. It is always nice to feel needed and wanted. Beautiful.

  3. such a luck mouse you are ... *smiles* ... sounds like a wonderful welcome home.

    Humbly His,

  4. i get the feeling where your mixed about your appointment with your stylist, you need it but you don't wanna go.....
    and the way Omega treats you and how you write about Him...
    suffice to say that's it's clear you love each other
    take care
    hugs Alujna

  5. Hehehe... I'm not gonna say it... nope, nope, nope... I'm gonna behave myself. Hehehehehe... *wonders if maybe it... * Ssshhhhh... I said behave.

    I knew he missed you, though... :-D



  6. Oh Mouse, flowers, lovely. Sounds like he really missed and needed you.

    Have a good weekend.


  7. This is just lovely....such a wonderful description of the dynamics of a kink relationship. Thank you.


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