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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where mouse learns how deep her love goes

Sunday: Meet the girls for brunch.

Saturday morning we left for the summer place, bright and early, on the road with only a little coffee to sustain us.  Along the way we stopped at some of the fresh produce places, picking up whatever looked good and fresh.   Some lovely meats, cheeses, fresh vegetable, and fruits. 

Despite the frequent stops we arrived quickly and started unpacking the things we needed, extra plates, silverware, glasses, yanno all those things that you miss once realize you don't have.  Brought along some of the old camping stuff as well, like those pots and pans.  They neatly stack.  The house smelled heavily of paint so we opened windows and doors allowing the ocean wind to freely blow.  True to his nature, Omega didn't say much about the colors mouse painstakingly chose, but only about the smell.  Soon the antique store was delivering, the table and chairs she ordered a week before, along with that potting table Omega had no use for.  

As mouse went about arranging things, her vision was becoming clearer. The table and chairs, though not really antiques blended well with the scale of the house, and looked a bit as though they could be indoors or outside.  The chaise lounge and one fine leather chair however were antique, which is kinda scary since both were made around 1940s.  At least we now had a place to sit and eat.  Back at home, mouse had done a little neighborhood scrounging, and found a small round table, which brought along.  She covered it with linens and stuck a lamp on it.  Omega wouldn't have known it was someone's trash. 

A thrift store down the road was the prime location to purchase some old throw type pillows in various sizes and colors, plus lots of candles.  A few other needed things for a homey feel, then it was off to the fabric store to look for window coverings.  Privacy isn't a huge issue, but the light coming through the windows during the day sometimes is.  At first mouse had envisioned light and airy fabrics that would blow nicely with the breeze, like wedding veil type of tule.  Not very practical however.  Dirty fingers, and the it would allow too much light to come through.  As mouse looked around the store, she was struck with an idea.  A ridiculous idea.  



It's rustic...It'll look fine.  

After purchasing enough fabric she returned to the house, cooked the evening meal and watched the sunset.  

We didn't spend the night instead headed back after dark.   Which seemed silly, but Omega couldn't stand the smell, mouse had plans for Sunday. It was brunch time with the girls. 

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  1. Sounds like things at the house are coming along nicely. :-D Hope you had a nice brunch!




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