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Monday, August 2, 2010

Where mouse finds the shoe on the other...

After getting in late on Saturday night and waking early, mouse found herself a little on the cranky side, making Omega take out his leather strap to her bare bottom.  He dismissed her rather curtly and very dismissively into the kitchen to cook his breakfast.  Multigrain pancake with some left over fresh berries.  After serving him she asked if she could get ready for the brunch.  He offered his blessing but cautioned mouse not to drink at the event.  

The restaurant was very crowded as she entered and saw the girls in the corner waiving to her to join them.  As she sat, someone was already handing her a bloody mary, which she politely refused, instead opting for a large mocha with an extra shot of expresso.   We sat laughing and chatting away until the table was ready.  Eventually the conversation turned to the summer place.  After filling everyone in on all the details, it occurred to mouse how nearly each word was Omega this or Omega that.   The truth was every detail was geared toward pleasing him and the ironic part was he didn't really care about those details, though she's certain he'd notice them.  Suddenly she was overwhelmed with this intense feeling of guilt over her crankiness in the morning.  

After settling the check, saying goodbye to her friends, mouse found herself driving quickly toward Omega.  The place doesn't matter she thought as she drove toward where he'd be.  Home was where ever he was.  Where he was happiest.  When she got home, she put her purse away, and found him in his chair reading a book.  Carefully mouse knelt beside the chair and rested her head on his lap, begging his forgiveness.  There was nothing to really forgive, as she'd been corrected earlier.  Lifting her eyes to meet his for a moment.  He soothed her with his hand on her head, but didn't beckon her into his lap, or give her indication to move from that spot.  He patted her like a precious pet and she nuzzled against the patting, suddenly craving his touch.  

Omega knows his girl all too well when she gets like that.  He quickly asked for a refill of his water glass.  Sending her off to do some chores for  him.  Each time after she completed something she knelt beside his chair, and again accepted the petting. As she rose to do another task, she lightly she brushed his lips with her own, and then he pulled into the chair, gathering her up into his arms.  He explained the task could wait, as he reached his hand up under her top, and squeezed her breast.  He cautioned her not to say a word as he gently rolled the nipple with his fingers, before starting to twist it without mercy.  

Then he released his hand, and told her repack her things, saying traffic would be heavy if she didn't get moving soon.  Even though it was the plan, she didn't want to leave.  What was she thinking?  He smiled, and said that it would be fine and to be sure to pack the hitachi magic wand in case she got too lonely without him.  He whispered instructions on which other toys to bring.  He assured her that he'd be fine for the week and would leave early on Friday to join us.   That would give mouse a week to get everything ready for her Master.  Her eyes sparkeled with love (as corny as that sounds) as she went upstairs, gathered her things, the dog's things and the kiddo's things and within an hour we were on our way.  

It's hard to express how much mouse misses her Master right now.  How her body aches for his touch.  How badly though above all else she wants to please him.   


  1. I think it's something you don't really need to express... I think most of us understand.



  2. hi mouse... i'm a new slave/slut... still in training really. your relationship with Omega is lovely and your devotion is inspirational!

  3. Hi Mouse,
    Pleasing my man is the best!


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