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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where mouse asks has it happened?

Has Omega finally rubbed off on mouse?  Is her personal OCD coming to the surface.  What started as a joke actually has her thinking.  

When she started reorganizing the blog, she joked about having her OCD come out while trying to get the columns to line up just so.  Then it happened, while looking for something in a bathroom drawer and becoming frustrated, she reorganized them.  Them not just the one but all of them. 

It didn't stop there either she's afraid the next thing she was going through drawers in the bedroom, purging things she no longer wears, and then into the kitchen and more the same. 

Then the closet got some treatment...

Ya...Omega came home and dropped his briefcase into the closet and was stunned.  Were we robbed?  He really wanted to know! Then he opened a drawer in the kitchen and came over to feel mouse's forehead, because she must be feverish.  He began exploring the house and all was well until he came to the laundry room.  Then mouse saw it, his eye twitched as he closed the door.  

However later in the evening he was quite pleased with the clean drawers, he continued to drive mouse insane with constant commenting on the neat state of them.  But when he snapped a picture with his phone and sent it to his mom...well, we'll just say that mouse truly became annoyed.

His OCD is still worse.  And he still should have that twitched checked out.  


  1. *Smiles* - You guys need to rub off on me!

  2. That just makes me giggle....He sent a picture to His Mom!
    very sweet.

  3. Cute you and your OCD are welcomed to my home. I have been accused of having OCD by a Dr. of mine..... wish it affected my in daily cleaning, lol.

  4. LOL-- you're a better sub than I -- THAT would have pissed me off.

    we're very different -- enjoy the OCD



  5. lol, I love the way you write. :) I NEED to get more OCD about organization. With 7 kids running around here, let's just say that sometimes all I do is clean up, then go back and clean up the same thing again. (grin)

  6. Nothing wrong with being tidy and organised!
    yours sincerely
    Mrs Anally Retentive ;)

  7. Oh Mouse I loved this post had me smiling. Could you come over to my house please:)

    Hope you both have a lovely weekend.

  8. Hehehe... sometimes OCD is a good thing!




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