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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where mouse learns about unexpected benefits

A few days ago, Omega showed the list of conduct.  At first it really kinda felt like a smack in the face, but after being still and reflecting something odd began to stir inside.  It wasn't anger or resentment, feelings like, "oh he just doesn't understand," because the opposite was true.  He does understand!   Superficial things like dressing up a little, wearing makeup, applying lipstick serve a really big reminder.  So begrudgingly after going to the gym and working out, I dressed in nice clothes, which brought about another revelation that aside from work stuff I don't have a lot to wear that isn't crappy.  Seriously!  Tops have stains, or small holes in them...which are fine for cleaning and working from home, or even working out at the gym, but not for greeting your husband/Master when he walks through the door.  

Luckily there were a few cute tops and pants that weren't old and trashed looking.  Even put on a cute necklace O bought me a while ago.  When O came through the door the whole house had a decidedly different vibe to it.  Dinner was on the table, and was a little interesting...somewhat tasty.  LOL  Ok can't be perfect in everything.  

The anti-girl look is fine when I'm not feeling well, or after an extremely hard day but to do it all the time, was just getting lazy.  

I also never thought much about being his reflection, but  he was also right about that.  Everything that I do or say is a direct reflection on him and I really should pay more attention to that.  Now that's not really a blog issue because it's my special place to write what I want.  However outside the blog is where I sometimes could make better use of my edit button.  

Can't imagine that?  


  1. That's food for thought, I wonder...

  2. I love reading about your relationship with him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - it's both interesting and erotic, and I particularly appreciate it today!


  3. Oh but dressing down is soooooooo comfy. LOL... nah, I know what you mean. It is easy to get lazy like that. Hell for a while I was wearing my pj's all day unless we had to go out for something. How's that for lazy? Getting dressed, even in something classy, but casual gives you a kind of energy and helps motivate you. That's why every book you'll read on success tells you that even if you work from home, you should behave as though you're going to the office and dress the part. It will put you in the right frame of mind for success... and well for us... it does a bit more. :-D



  4. It's easy at times to just toss on something comfy and skip the little extras, but taking the extra effort really does make us feel better about ourselves.


  5. A much-needed reminder for me lately!

  6. You know dressing up is huge. For your relationship with him, and for the way you feel yourself.


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