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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where mouse ponders time

Blogging daily is hard.  Sometimes life gets in the way and other times you have an idea but then at the last minute change your mind.  Today's post was like that, mouse carefully wrote it out and then decided to sit on it for a while.  Being still with the words written because they just didn't feel least not yet.  

Not sure if they ever will but thats the way it goes sometimes.  Omega understands it, life lately has been testy with mouse.  It's not about time management this time, it's just about not having enough time.  Omega has thoughtfully planned out mouse's day but it seems everything takes longer than it should (work stuff mostly) and that one thing throws the whole plan out of whack.

It doesn't help that he wants mouse to her plug each morning either.  Ok, this is where the last post fell apart.  It's not that she minds the plug, because she doesn't.  It's just that she finds it difficult to concentrate while its in place.  Maybe she's just blaming the plug for her own lack of focus, and she's not looking for O to change his mind and say she doesn't have to wear it. (because the unpublished post sure seemed that way)

It's just hard sometimes.  

It makes her think about sex, it makes her think about him.  It makes her feel like everyone knows.  

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  1. I know the feeling about not seeming to have enough time in the day. I think with the plug issue, if it's interfering with your concentration, though, maybe it's something that needs to be looked at. I don't think it's possible to be stimulated sexually and be able to concentrate on other things. It's not a failure on your part... it's a matter of physiology. It's no different than having a hard time concentrating when you're in pain. If your brain is busy concentrating on maintaining control in one area... like subduing pain or sexual desire... it doesn't leave much room for much else.

    Maybe instead of not wearing the plug, though... maybe finding another time of the day to wear it where it won't interfere with other things? Just a suggestion.




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