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Monday, August 16, 2010

Where mouse smiles

Doing as she was told, she waited in the basement, her body in position -- just the way Omega likes her.  Waiting, the anticipation burning through her, how much longer will this torture go on for?  Curling her lips into a smile she realizes it's pre-torture.  Arching her back a little her mind drifts as she imagines what pleasures the night will bring her.   A delicate moan escapes her lips as imagery plays in her mind of scenes of the past.  

A soft velvety voice brings her back to reality as her eyes snap open.  

"You started without me?"  

Caught in her fantasy she smiles shyly but without blushing.  He decides to forgo the rope, to leave her body free, her eyes shielded, but her mouth uncovered.  He coos softly into her ear, causing her to shiver, "be still mouse."  Feeling the warmth of his hands pinching, twisting, making her writhe at his will, his puppet dancing on the string he holds.  

The rush of power, control, containment overwhelms mouse, yet through the tears he craves, she smiles.  He takes his pleasure and his time as he ruthlessly uses his mouse.  Gasping, she claws at the bench, writhing, and shamelessly goading him to continue.  Saying those dirty words only he can bring out of her.  Lost is she in an abyss, floating miles from where she started, at least it seems that way.  Throughout it all, her smile never faded, all the while as her body danced out of control, she smiled.  Grinning helplessly as he seemingly carved into her soul, and took what he wanted. 

The intensity shifts, increasing by the moment, and yet her body remains curiously still as though bound.  

Except for the smile. 


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