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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where life just chugs along

Work.  Ritual.  Process

It's late summer and it has me wondering where did it go?  Again I made the mistake by blinking and suddenly I'm nearing the end of another season.   At the same time I'm fast approaching my favorite season, Autumn.   I'm not a big winter fan so aside from the holidays not looking forward too much to that.  But I do really love watching the leaves turn but then again I hate the mess they make.  

With rituals, well we have some changes in that department.  Omega has decided to cut back on his coffee consumption, so we've kinda given up the morning coffee ritual.   I can't say that I miss it.  The way I wake him up has remained the same.  We also have other changes in the ritual department, like the evening meditation is gone for a while, but my bedtime is more strictly enforced.   

Tasks and chores are still given to me on a daily basis and I love that but he also wants me to organize my own day around those things.  Something I'm not nearly as happy with.  Chores are completed daily, and with the tasks, I have a week.   If they're not completed, honestly dunno what will happen.  I think he just trusts that they will all get done! 

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