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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where mouse feels girly

Omega's rule that mouse be presentable at all times has had a weird effect on her.  For example yesterday mouse went shopping with Lucy and actually bought clothing.  Well, not only clothing but accessories!   A really nice necklace and OMG it was a hundred bucks!  But it went really well with the outfit...really it added the final touch.  Of course I had to have those earrings that matched it.  Then there were the shoes...oh and the purse, did I mention the kinda matches the shoes, well in a nice contrasty way.  Or maybe just put together.  

Long story short, I spent a lot of money today; on myself.  Me?  And yanno what?  It was fun.  Freakish fun!  

For once in my life I said, I'm worth it!  

I even felt so whimsical, I spent waaaaaay too much money on a sweatpants and top to wear to the gym...oh and shoes that promise to make my butt nicer, and that super cute gym bag....

Then feeling guilty picked up a tie for Omega.  

After that I returned to shopping again for me...well more work stuff this time....a girl needs nice worky type clothes too.  

Even splurged on some new nighttime stuff.  Jammies and a new nightgown!  

All in all a very productive and fun day.  


  1. I'm thinking of that scene in "Pretty Woman" where she goes on that huge shopping spree -- and presents him with the tie she got him...
    And I'm thinkin' maybe...

  2. ooh - i wish i could muster girliness - i had a jeans job for the past many years - i have a real-clothes job now, and i have no idea where to start. Hope you had fun.

  3. just wanted to say hi and to thank you for your blog. i have enjoyed reading your posts :)

  4. Hehe... I seriously need a shopping spree! Glad you had fun shopping for you! :-D




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