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Friday, September 10, 2010

Where mouse screams more

Omega was having a horrible day at work.  So mouse paid him a surprise visit and brought him lunch, since he was grumbling in text messages that he'd probably have to skip it.   I fixed him a nice lunch, put it in a picnic basket and drove to his office.  

Getting into his office is a hassle, well we'll just say you gotta through a lot of people and a lot of hoops but finally I was there.  He was so busy he didn't notice me (or thought it was his secretary), and I just waited patiently for him to finish.   Eventually, he looked up and smiled at me.  I told him that I brought him lunch and walked over to give him a kiss.  He looked at me up and down.  He asked if that was one of the new outfits I just bought.  I said yes. 

I started laying out his lunch, salad, turkey sandwich, some soup from the deli he likes.  He kissed me...but this kiss was different.  More hmmm invasive.

Then next thing I knew my blouse was unbuttoned, and he was doing horrible things to my nipples.  He pushed me down and demanded that I provide him a little oral attention.  He sat down in his chair and ate his lunch, while I serviced him.  Have I mentioned he's great at multitasking?  

When he was finished he pulled me into his lap and thanked me for a wonderful lunch.  I smiled brightly hoping for a little attention too.  

He pushed his fingers between my legs and made me moan, then he stopped, asking me to stand and clear away the stuff I'd brought.  I smiled and shook my butt as I cleared away the stuff, then he swatted my rear hard and sent me on my way saying that he had meeting soon, and needed to get back to work.

Meeting?  You're kidding me?  Leave now?  


When's the meeting, I asked?  He said in an hour.  I looked hopeful.  Well maybe you have a little extra time...yanno for a little something sumthing?  

He kissed my forehead and swatted my rear again, this time sternly told me that he'd see me later at home.  But home's NO FUN!  I wanted to protest, stamp my foot, shake my boobies....

But I didn't.  Instead I gathered everything back into the picnic basket, and waved bye.  

He didn't even look up.  

Later he sent me a text again thanking for the wonderful lunch.  Naturally I replied with any time!  

I gotta admit that I expected some extra attention last night.  But instead got Mr Grumpy.  I was sooo disappointed, I asked permission after dinner to take a bath.  He just kinda waved me away.  I explained my frustration later during our quiet time in bed.  He said he understood.  He did nothing to relieve it.  Just said he understood.  

Doesn't make it easier but at least he understands it.  But I gotta say it's really hard sometimes being on the bottom.  


  1. There have been a number of bottoms feeling rebellious lately, so I'm not so surprised you have caught the flu too.

    I have been disappointed in the past when I've done things for others and received no acknowledgment. Service, however, is for the recipient, not the giver. Anything done with the expectation of a reward is done out of self-interest. True selflessness is when you expect nothing. Perhaps that is the lesson here.

  2. I know the feeling... I got a bit of that the other day. I just wanted to scream "like HELL you understand!" The only problem for me right now is when this happens I kinda shut down. Hope you get some of what you need this weekend.



  3. It's hell being on the bottom sometimes. I really wish I wanted to be on the top for real.


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