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Monday, September 13, 2010

Where mouse cries

"Get outside and wait for me," Omega had yelled at mouse for not being still as directed.   Not bothering with the pout, she did as he directed and stepped out onto the deck and waited for him.  He followed a short while later, and ordered her to bend over, grabbing the back of her neck he pushed her over.  Then she felt the smack of his hand hitting her backside.   Yes, sure the deck is kinda secluded but still...  

He reached his hand up her skirt, and she could feel him invading her flesh.  All sorts of thoughts crashed through her mind at that moment, first about neighbors then about feelings...the good feelings his fingers evoked.  He manipulated her body.  He made her tremble.  Then he told her to get into the basement.  He wanted her.   After removing her clothing, he tied her hands above her head, and spread her legs apart.  The whip licked at her body and made her scream.  

Like that she remained for hours, writhing, struggling against the rope, until resigned and accepted.  Meanwhile her body was whipped, paddled and prodded by all sorts of implements.   When he was ready he untied her, and carried her to her cage.  

Waking in the cage is sometimes disjointing for the mouse, not remembering all the details, not even remembering how long she's been in there trouble her.   Of course Omega is close by watching her during this time, and knows when she starts to return to him.  He will crouch beside the cage and mouse generally will try to get to close to him as possible.  The tears begin to flow, the confusion and fatigue adding to it, compounding it.  But she is safe inside the cage, and somewhere deep inside she knows it.  

As the tears subside into gulps and heavy sobs, Omega will open the door and she will clamor out into his arms.  During this time she cannot get close enough to him and she needs to feel his body.  He will encourage her, but he also knows that she's still not right yet.   Eventually he will help her dress, and will lead her back up the steps into the house.    He will have her lay on the floor, in front of the fireplace.  There she places her head into his lap, and stares blankly.  Eventually he will encourage mouse to eat.  

Occasionally she will twitch or seem to want to come out of her skin at his touch, and she strives to get closer to him still, to crawl inside him where it's safe.  Red and oh so heavy, her eyes slowly begin to close, her mind is free.  Like an animal she burrows under the blankets entwining her self around him like a snake.  


  1. I'm the same way. I feel like I can't get close enough to him after an intense pain filled session.

  2. Is it wrong of me to wish that, on some level, I could know what this is like?


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