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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where mouse does a good thing

He grumbles sometimes, Omega does, and barks.  He's often thoughtless as he can be thoughtful.  Not sure if these are guy issues or dom issues....

Yesterday was a trying day for mouse.  The morning started ok, but things quickly went bad from there.  After doing the gym thing, came home, tidied the kitchen, grabbed my lists and went upstairs to shower, a fairly typical morning.  Ran to an off site meeting, but because Target was on the way, stopped there first.  After the meeting, stashed the notes into my bag, and ran to the market to do the week's shopping.  Got home sometime after noon, and typed up my notes, threw a load into the wash, and worked with A for a few hours.  I had just sat down to rest for a few minutes and was thumbing through a magazine when...

Around four in the afternoon my phone rang, and it was Omega.  He explained that an "old college chum and his wife were in town," and in what could only be described as an old episode of Bewitched, invited them both to dinner.   Still holding the phone, I looked around the house and it was hardly in the Leave it to Beaver condition I would want it be in for guests coming to dinner.    Newspapers and crap everywhere, bags from the shopping, things stacked up waiting to go somewhere.  And Samantha Stevens I am not.  Can't just wiggle my nose and make it all go away.

And ya, I had just been the store but hadn't purchased anything for a nice dinner, more like the stuff I would just throw together for O and the kiddo.  So, I start flipping through recipes and seeing what I could make.  No, not going to work not going to work to work out.  I'm not subjecting strangers to my chicken and fish is out of the question because I can't eat that and it's too much to explain.  So, instead I go to my roots.  I decide to go with the chicken, but instead pound it and dredge it in flour.  I go with a piccata, because its simple and can be made quickly.  I also went with polenta, but of course there's no cream in the house, so I devised a quick list and dashed off to the market.  After getting home, I take out my aunt's old copper pot and start the polenta, while getting the chicken ready to go...Opened the bottle of wine, put fresh flowers into the vase, tidied the living room of the books and home school materials off the dining table.  

Set the dining table with the good china and crystal.  Hey!  If the food sucks ass, at least the plates are pretty.  While I was at it, got out the family silver.  Tarnished of course.  Ya, so I polished it (it's a simple design and didn't take long to do just what I needed).  Vacuumed.  

Put a nice dress on, complete with pearls (a gift from O), threw on a nice apron (really), and waited.  I looked around, the meal was fully prepped, all it needed was the finishing touches, dropped on the platter.  I decide, maybe a little a little appetizer, slice a baguette, rub it down with garlic and toss it into the oven.  Grab some Roma tomatoes, dice them up, add some fresh basil, toss with olive oil a few capers, put it into a pretty dish.  Also threw together a Cesar salad as well, and I even made my own dressing.  

As I'm pulling the bread out of the oven, Omega sends a text that he's on his way home.  

I'm ready, the house is ready.  Everything is ready.  As long as not more than one person needs to use a restroom at the same time, I'm safe.  Guest towels are in the powder room downstairs. 

They arrive and the evening is nice.  They complimented the food.  Thought the house was lovely.  My pretty china plates were a hit.  

As the prefect hostess, I say, "Oh no, just leave the dishes, I'll get them later."  

After dinner I even surprised everyone with a very simple dessert of biscotti cookies dipped in chocolate, served with coffee (I had planned on bringing those to Lucy's later in the week) out on the deck outside.  An hour later our guests were out the door and I was slipping out of my shoes.  Omega disappeared for a moment and returned, wearing his swim trunks and carrying a towel.  Said something about his back bothering him and he was going to soak in the hot tub.  

My feet were killing me, and I was exhausted.  And I have to say, while he was outside, I was tempted just briefly to lock the door behind him, shut off the light and go to bed.  But instead, by the time he came back upstairs, I had cleaned up the kitchen, washed, dried and put away the china, and silver.  I had the dishwasher going.  

I went upstairs, got undressed, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed.  When he commented that I didn't ask permission, I did kinda glare at him.  Thankfully he didn't push the issue.  

Yes, I was happy to serve him and his friends.  Of course, but I had felt ambushed.  And when he went to soak in the hot tub because his back was hurting, and left me to clean up, I dunno I felt like the hired help.  I had done a lot in that hour and half.  And ya it was only an hour and half from the time he called until I was finished.  

But my work that evening wasn't done.  Yanno with his back not hurting anymore, and all relaxed from the wine, and hot tub action, he was feeling kinda amorous.  Yes, I wanted to kill him.  At least that way I could sleep.  But I didn't complain.  I didn't refuse.  Refusing really didn't enter my mind (ok, maybe a minute but that's not what I signed up for yanno).  

As I drifted to sleep though the anger faded, as did the feelings, all those feelings disappeared.  

Truth be told, I was proud of myself.  Omega would be too, if he bothered to ask.


  1. Believe it or not, I was proud of you before you even mentioned it. Omega is too. Pretty certain of your skills too if you think about it. You know Omega as well as anyone. He wouldn't have only given you 90 minutes to serve his friends unless he was damned positive you could pull it off, now would he? You're a good girl girl Mouse, most of the time anyway. ;)

  2. aww... mouse, throwing together dinner and preparing for guests in that amount of time is nothing short of amazing.


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