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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where mouse contemplates "being out"

Sometimes mouse can't help but to wonder what would happen if everyone knew and most importantly accepted our lifestyle choices.  Like the dinner the other night, mouse is certain that the couple we had over couldn't help but to notice how subservient mouse is, especially where Omega's needs are concerned.  Of course there is always that element that wouldn't approve but what if it were ok to be open about it?  

The odd thing is that from Omega's side of things at least, everything would be fine.  I dunno, maybe it's the whole caveman mentality that hasn't fully evolved out of men.  The part that would say, "Good for you," when they'd hear about mouse being punished for something. 

I think women would judge me though, with a whole lot of "liberated" nonsense like, "how can you let him do that to you?"  Because they wouldn't understand it, they'd quote Gloria Steinem and try to help me understand that somehow I've been brainwashed.  They wouldn't care that for the most part (yesterday's post aside) I'm happiest when serving Omega.  

And I don't want to seem like from yesterday's post, I'm somehow looking for recognition from Omega or anyone else, because that wasn't it.  I'm supposed to write about my feelings.  Honestly when I woke up yesterday morning I was still feeling a bit snarky about it all.   After writing all those feelings down, I felt better and even better still after talking to Omega about it over breakfast.  

Of course he validated my feelings, and said he's been a bit preoccupied lately, but that he was glad that I did share these thoughts.  I guess he needed to hear them.  

So what if it were okay to be open about these mostly secret things we do?  Maybe half the fun is keeping that secret, because it makes me wonder about other people.  If I have such a huge secret, maybe others do as well?  

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  1. I've had similar musings about being "out". I have submissive tendencies, but part of my male ego has problems sharing that with people I know. Then there's the whole chastity belt fetish! lol. Between the two of them, it's a serious blow to my macho self-image!

    Sometimes I think about how the early "come out of the closet" gays were persecuted, but how much good they did and wonder "should BDSM come out of the closet?"


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