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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where mouse learns something new

Being still is one of Omega's favorite commands and it's the one that causes the most change in mouse.  It forces contemplation.  The first hour is difficult, but after that becomes surprisingly easy. Of course Omega noting that his mouse has mastered that skill he has pushed it further.  

In the past we've dabbled into orgasm control, but honestly it's not what either of us would call a huge priority in our lives.  He does require that mouse doesn't touch herself in a personal without direction or permission from him.  Then we started working from there.  Then he threw something into the system which really isn't about orgasm control at all.  He decided he doesn't care if mouse has an orgasm or not (meaning no permission is required before, yada yada).  Most times orgasm does happen but also if it doesn't (as in quickies) he doesn't care about that either.  He'll just say something like better luck next time.

This seemed to lead us to where we are now.  Since mouse is so comfortable with last arrangement, Omega added another branch to it.  

It needs repeating that mouse had a hard time learning to accept certain things, as pertaining to oral sex, which Omega actually didn't mind doing.  Ya...yanno...the whole....going down...At one time mouse believed it was wrong for a Master to want that and that it somehow demeaned him. But over time, she's realized it's not about that at all.  Its about pleasure.  As mouse became more sexual, she discovered, wonder of wonders she enjoyed it. 

That's where the new command came about.  Omega before doing anything to mouse, would tell her to be still.   No sound may escape her lips, he was very clear in his directions.  As mouse became more and more aroused, she moaned.  He abruptly stopped.  Seriously!  It was over.  Of course mouse tried to bargain her way around it. Say she misunderstood the instruction, she had assumed it meant words....

No dice, he stopped.  

Omega didn't say anything about it, just reexplained the rule for the next time.  And again, more than a week later mouse made a sound, and the action stopped.  This rule is only in effect when mouse is being pleasured, and does not apply to any other situation.  

Still more weeks passed and he tried it again and this time mouse was rewarded with the MOST delicious orgasm she's ever had in her life.  

Still not clear on the reason why it was so amazing.  But amazing it was.  

While sometimes it's really hard to keep still, somewhere deep inside she knows she's doing it just for him and the reward is soooooo worth that effort.  

Thank you Omega for showing mouse again a different side to herself.  

I really like this person I'm becoming because of you and the mouse can't wait to see what lessons she has yet to learn.


  1. Hmmmmm now this does sound like fun torture. Though like you, I'd be trying my hardest to explain my way out of the denial! *laughs*

  2. O, what a wonderfully hot post!! I love the idea of having to be totally quiet! It would be torture, but wonderful torture...

    I love your blog -thank you so much for sharing.



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