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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Any suggestions for a sub who's Dom is a traveling workaholic? This is a new relationship for me and I am open to any input. Thanks! DLS


Thanks for taking the time to ask such a thoughtful question. A traveling workaholic? That's a tough one, and mouse is sure it must be difficult to have your Dom away so often. The only thing that mouse can suggest is that you keep the focus on your Dom as much as possible, especially when you are together with him. Pay close attention to his likes and dislikes, take notes if needed so when your together with him it you can better anticipate his needs. Being apart today doesn't really mean being apart. With cell phones, emails, and other technology LDRs are easier to deal with and if he travels that much, then it probably does feel more like a long distance relationship. Omega used to travel a lot and sometimes gone for weeks at a time, it wasn't easy but we could always connect.

There's a lot more to being submissive than just submitting yourself. It's about pleasing him. Putting him first and showing a lot patience, it's not always easy. But you both have to make the effort. It's not all up to you.

Well mouse hopes that this helped.


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