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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fighting for the splendor in submission

Yesterday, mouse worked hard keeping to her rituals and rules or maybe she should admit that she went through the motions, but kept them.  After the punishment yesterday, she didn't want to risk disappointing him again or causing him to question.  Omega seemed pleased at the changes, because mouse was getting very lazy.  Omega can't stand laziness of any kind.  Everything mouse did, she repeated her mantra that she did it for her Master.  It helped on some levels.  A big snafu at work seemed to derail her for a short while, but soon after looking at the issue objectively, rather than just becoming upset, she saw a clear path and completed the project.  That was odd, because the balance wasn't shaken.  

Later in the evening mouse made a fantastic meal, and discovered that she really likes the idea of planning ahead for meals.  Omega did keep mouse rather busy however asking her for this and that, keeping the focus on him.  At one point mouse started showing signs of frustration with this and O smiled at her.   After the bath ritual, which is much nicer with hot water, we talked about the day and mouse apologized for making Omega fight for her submission.  Like Omega has said many times either submission is present or it's not.  Lately mouse has been fighting against it.  Maybe it's boredom with the rituals or that they've lost their meaning.  The promise mouse made was to find the splendor again in the rituals we have in place, to work harder and accept his pushing.  

It all fell into place tho when before the punishment Omega asked mouse if she was interested in continuing this part of our relationship.  He demands that the rituals, protocols and rules are all followed and honestly they're not hard or difficult.  It seems mouse was giving off vibes that she wasn't interested in submitting to him anymore.  Nothing could be further from that truth. 

There was no hesitation, and mouse accepted her punishment.  Penance helps sometimes and maybe if it had happened sooner...but Omega doesn't want to punish all the time for every little thing, he really wants her obedience and not fight her for it.  A submissive should give herself willingly or not at all.  Rituals can become routine, and that's ok as long as mouse remembers that she's doing them for Omega.  So even if mouse isn't feeling completely submissive, it won't stop Omega from asserting his dominance.  That curiously enough makes mouse feel very submissive.  

And now you know the rest of the story.   


  1. Mouse, you seemed to have worked it all out. My Master says when he sees my submission getting too easy or routine or boring, He brings me back, then ratches it up a notch. He believes it should be something that i sometimes struggle with. abby

  2. My mouse,

    FTR, I do not enjoy, nor relish punishing you in anyway. I would much rather have you squirm due to some sadistic bent I am inflicting than have it be for the sake of correction.


  3. abby -- not sure if it should be a struggle, will have to ponder that because overall slavery or submission should be a natural state, but there is always room for improvement.

    One of the hardest things was really letting go of those little things that were holding mouse back.


  4. Omega,

    Thank you Master for the reminder. mouse understands now how far off the path she was and is more than happy to be back on track. It's true mouse loves you and her submission and you shouldn't ever have to battle her for it. Most of all now mouse is thrilled that this horrible patch is behind us and she is again moving forward. Master, you know how sorry mouse was for putting you through that. Nothing made her happier than your forgiveness.



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