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Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't cover your balls in a tea towel, lest they become sweaty.

Busy day today, and mouse dropped a box of recipes and scattered them across the floor.  As she worked picking the old recipes up carefully, she came across an old one written by her great-great grandmother four generations ago.  It was for cheese balls.  Great Grandma wrote on it, it was a good recipe for pot lucks.  As mouse scanned the recipe she noted instructions on lighting the "cook stove," and for placing the finished balls on a block of ice to chill (unless they were being made during winter months then you'd put them outside).  

It instructed if making these during the summer months, do them in the morning while the air is cool and before the flies are up.  It described softening the cheese but not letting it melt, then it went on to talk about not burning the nuts in the cooker, and adding the proper seasoning to it, then crushing them and putting them on the balls of cheese.  

The directions read, "Do not cover your finished balls with a tea cloth, lest they become sweaty and your nuts fall off."  

Times were really hard back then. 


  1. SO funny! Thanks for the laugh :)

  2. Indeed, sage advice from a gone-by generation.


  3. Ally you're so welcome!

    Omega...LOL BTW making you a taste of home tonight!


  4. lol fantastic... that would definitely be a problem wouldn't it? lol

  5. LMAO... that's great. That would be so cool to have recipe's like that. You ought to have it laminated... could become an heirloom!



  6. Thank you for the laugh. Now I want to dig out my Grandmother's recipes and see what sage advice are them.


  7. KellyRed -- LOL

    prima angel -- I could present a huge problem...

    turiya -- LOL mouse likes that idea a whole lot better than needlepointing it on a pillow..

    heather1 -- please let mouse know if you find anything good.

    d.lallie -- glad you enjoyed!

    Hugs everyone!


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