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Monday, October 25, 2010

What are the 3 greatest benefits you receive from your special dynamic? from mouse's perspective? from Omega's perspective?

What a wonderful question to ask! Too often mouse needs to take pause and remember how special her dynamic is with Omega. However mouse can't answer for Omega but we did discuss this question since it does pertain to him as well.

The first greatest benefit is trust. Trust in any dynamic is important but in our dynamic was actually hard fought for. Omega taught mouse to trust herself, to trust her instincts and to to him to do the right thing. All too often you don't want to share difficult things but through Omega's guidance mouse has learned to turn her edit off and be open about everything with him.

The second benefit is really companionship, which sounds really silly but mouse feels its important to enjoy the person your with. To be able to laugh and cry with them.

The final benefit is security. Above everything mouse knows that she's safe, and that Omega will always do everything reasonable within his power to protect what belongs to him.

The one thing that Omega did comment on was that mouse has brought a lot of stability to his life and really helped to restore his personal balance in his life. This made mouse proud to be so useful to her Master! So again thank you for a wonderful question because it did lead to a great discussion between us.


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  1. This girl finally understands what you mean!

    Owned by Master Robert


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