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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being Pleasing

One evening Omega and mouse were having a quiet evening at home on Saturday evening.  The house was quiet the only sound was that of rain tapping against the windows, fire flickering in the fireplace and candles lit.  Omega on one end of the sofa reading a book, mouse on the floor doing the same.   At one point mouse looked up and turned her head, lifted her eyes to Omega.  He caught the glance and returned it, "Something on your mind mouse?" he asked.  
As quickly as her eyes met his, she lowered them and then looked up again from her book.  Quickly she answered yes and explained, there's a lot of talk about being pleasing.  But what exactly did pleasing Omega of course.  He chuckled softly as he closed his book and invited mouse into his arms.  "Why are you thinking about that my mouse?" He wanted to know.  Shyly she looked away, refusing to meet his gaze, and he raised his hand to mouse stroking her cheek. 

He was quiet for a few moments and said that to him being pleasing meant many things.  Not just sexually pleasing, but in many other ways, like the way a lady dresses, carries herself, doesn't nag or prattle on about days events before he's had time to unwind.  The last part caused mouse to ask, "well does mouse do that?  Prattle on about nothing when you get home from work?"  It was an honest question.  Really mouse doesn't do that!  

Well, she doesn't think she does it...his quiet chuckle told her otherwise.  He admitted it wasn't a big deal tho. 


Not a big deal?  Then why mention it? 

Again he chuckled.  

Sarcastically mouse thought, 'hmm suppose it's easier to prattle on after you've passed out from a cocktail or two after that hard day.'  Of course mouse didn't say that out it was more of a mumble. Omega has really good hearing when he wants to.  Judging his mood, mouse could see he was in good humor so she was safe from being accused of being bratty.

Later in bed, mouse cuddled beside Omega.  This whole pleasing thing was bugging her still.

Omega rattled off a few things....which mouse carefully made notes of.  

Nagging is not at all pleasing.
Arguing is not at all pleasing.
Being obstinate is not at all pleasing.  

In an effort to be more pleasing mouse asked him what she could improve on...

He laughed...big laugh...the nagging...the arguing....the being obstinate....

Eventually mouse drifted off into a troubled sleep...Of course it was her fault..she didn't have to ask it.  But then again these are things that mouse needs to work on.  No, Omega doesn't think they're huge issues, but to mouse, now that she's aware, to her they are.


  1. Good catch mouse.
    Life is best lived through many intimations, not confrontations. Keeping an active and alert ear to the ground makes life much easier.

  2. I think those are three things every woman needs to work on honestly... especially the nagging. But what makes it all interesting is where those things come from. It's something that has developed over time with women who feel as though what they are doing for their partners and families isn't appreciated. For being treated like their lives are a breeze because they're not having to work at all or as hard as their male counterparts. It really all stems from the subservient type of relationships of the 50's and prior where women were essentially doormats and suffered in silence

    Then their kids came along and got married and decided... screw that... I'm not putting up with it. And over time it has just sorta developed into this thing we as women do... whether we're appreciated or not. And I think deep down even if what we do is appreciated many of us still end up feeling unappreciated.

    So I think the nagging and stuff are behaviors that take a conscious effort to put a halt to cause we're essentially reversing decades of ingrained habit.



  3. David Sir -- Thank you and your very's a learning process.

    turiya -- Dunno if we can pigeon-hole all women of that period as being doormats. But mouse will agree many felt a good deal of resentment. Many still do. Women in this country can still expect make less in their lifetime than men do.



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