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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The experiment

That morning after posting in her blog about being pleasing, mouse decided to conduct a little experiment to see if she were more pleasing...would Omega be happier with her than he is now.

Maybe mouse does nag a little bit at times...but only about taking out the trash...well and reminding about extra things we're don't forget dinner at the Jones' place on Friday.

That kind of stuff...she doesn't mean to do it but also knows that Omega will forget it if he doesn't write it down.  And often he will conveniently forget to do that.  Not that he can be blamed for that since the Jones' are a huge bore. 

So during the day mouse hurried through her chores and made a quick trip to her Mother in law's house.  We chatted about O when he was a child and mouse asked for some favorite recipes.  The older woman was more than happy to pass them along to mouse.  Really why hadn't mouse thought of that a long time ago.  One was marked as being O's all time favorite.

After leaving there mouse rushed to the market, after scanning the recipe and eliminated some of the ingredients (cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup and russian dressing), and making a lot of healthier substitutions, she hurried home to begin cooking.  The meal was nearly finished when he walked through the door.  Omega sniffed the air and asked if his parents were over.   That made mouse giggle a little and in a way that demonstrated how proud she was, she served Omega his meal.  He ate it and complimented her on it.  But it wasn't a great compliment, so mouse mentioned that his mom had said it was all-time favorite dish.  O smiled and said in a matter-of-fact tone that it was actually his brother's favorite but this was better tasting that he remembered it being. 

Obviously the old woman was losing her mind and couldn't be trusted.  

But mouse worked to overcome the snafu, and when Omega commented the house felt a little chilly, mouse closed a window.  When his water glass was empty, mouse filled it.  When he finished his veggies, mouse offered him more.  He responded favorably to all that.  This continued into the evening, when mouse asked him if he wanted to watch TV or work for a bit.  He opted to work in his study, so mouse brought him a cup of warm water with honey and lemon he likes to sip in the evening hours.  He invited mouse to sit in the study with him to read while he worked.  He talked a little about his day and mouse listened, commented when needed.  After a while she noticed that it appeared  he was trying to bait mouse into an argument.  

It nearly worked until she couldn't stand it any longer because she really couldn't stand agreeing with him anymore on everything, and blurted out loudly..."I don't care what you think a woman has the right to choose!  What are you; a Neanderthal?"  Immediately after she clasped her hand over her mouth and muttered a "sorry Master."


Omega saw through the plan, and reminded his mouse that being pleasing wasn't just about agreeing, respectful dissent was also welcomed.  Neanderthal comments however were not.  

Live and learn


  1. Boy, he's a tricky one. Of course - i would have failed long before noon - never would have made it to evening. Good luck - and if you get it all perfected - can you share with the rest of us? :)

  2. Gorgeous! You are just gorgeous, mouse. Even when you're being naughty you're so lovable!


  3. I think that because true, good Doms are very intelligent, thay seek subs who are close to that level as it is more of a challenge. Intelligent people have opinions which keeps us subs in trouble at times.

    Hey did you realize your mother in law was such a pleaser too? Teehee

  4. maybe he's too hard to please?

  5. You lasted longer than I would have. boy the men in our lives sure know the exact buttons to push, don't they?

    W was verbally poking at me yesterday. I was able to restrain myself far enough to tell him I was casting aspersions on his parentage, in my head. I didn't actually call him a name out loud (she beams proudly).

    You make me laugh, mouse.

  6. Sorry, but this made me giggle! Although, I do think you deserve full marks for the attempt to learn his favorite meals from his mom. Certainly not your fault she mixed up his brother's favorites with O's. But Neanderthal... that's just too funny...



  7. Oh, mouse -
    You made me laugh. I am sorry it was a fail for you but valiant effort!

  8.'re very right he is tricky!

    LillithPane....(so love the name) Thanks...LOL mouse does have moments...;-0

    Mindset...A good friend once said that alpha personalities surround themselves with alpha personalities...maybe mouse is an alpha sub?

    Anonymous....He can seem that way.

    KellyRed (aka soul sistah) mouse can foresee the argument before it starts often. Of course sometimes she's wrong. But once she wrote about the mental argument as it played out in her head.

    turiya...ya neanderthal (shakes head)...dunno if that's better than calling him doodyhead.

    d.lallie...Thank YOU! It was a very valiant effort!

    Thanks everyone for the great comments and understanding...learned an important lesson about mother in law as well.


  9. Neanderthal!....just makes me giggle...good experiment though.


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