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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yet another Thankful Thursday

This was originally going to go into the private blog but after reading it over, mouse moved it the public blog. 

Darling Master,

It's late at night and the mouse should be sleeping, but she's awake and bursting with thoughts and feelings.  Why do these feelings happen so late at night?  Why do they overwhelm the mouse so easily?  You have brought so much into her life, you picked her up, shook her in many ways and you made her better.  Balanced is the word you'd use...she'd say it was loved.  

The changes in this girl are very evident.  You have molded the mouse, with your guidance and your direction into a completely different person.  Training never ends and you have brought the mouse so slowly to the place where she can really shine as a person.  You have made her dreams come true.  Yes, there are times where she simply cannot get close enough to you, where that need is so deep to want to crawl inside you,  but that is how she feels all the time now.  Not just once in a great while or after a fantastic scene you've concocted.  Never in a million years would this mouse say that she'd feel comfortable sitting at your feet and listening to Dean Martin on your iPod, and yet this mouse can't think of a better way of spending the evening.  

Even as she's typing these silly words, the tears are falling down her cheeks, the tears of honesty and trust, along with a whole lot of thankfulness toward you and all you've given the mouse.  Some might describe you as overbearing, controlling, or whatever adjective they choose, but if that were true, why then does mouse feel more free?  There are no feelings of oppression or a burden of life, there is only freedom!  It must be magic.  

You have brought so much magic to her life.  Master, you have repeatedly demanded more from the mouse until she believed she would break, but instead she found herself able to bend.  Bending further than she thought possible.  How did you know?  You have reminded the mouse that she has no will of her own, other than what you have already given her.  That sounds very scary to a lot of people, seeing it spelled out like that.  It scared mouse too, but you asked that she trust you and she did.  And now she sees it as clear as it can be.

So thank you Master for everything you have done for this mouse.  



  1. absolutely beautiful. Something I hope to one day find. hugs

  2. Lovely, just lovely. You are a lucky mouse.

  3. I'm glad you did share Mouse,it's a beautiful post.



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