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Friday, October 29, 2010

A decent week

This week was busy but mouse got a lot accomplished and that was a welcomed surprised.  It's Friday and the house is already cleaned, and mouse is getting ready for the Halloween party at Lucy and Schroeder's on Saturday night.  Originally Omega said he wanted mouse to be a Witch for Halloween, but earlier this week he changed his mind and decided that mouse should go as a...Well...umm...

See, he's going as Jack the Ripper, and he thought it may be fun if mouse went as a...You of the kinds of women that fell victim to the ripper.

Yes, a whore.  OK...Fine.   A prostitute.  A lady of the evening.

This kinda made mouse feel a little uncomfortable, but she found the perfect period type costume (very low cut) but nice.  When mouse tried it on for O, he seemed happy with it.

Of course we're not going empty handed, mouse is making some chicken wings, pizza and a dessert.

Anyway, mouse has been so centered and grounded lately, it's almost an odd, tho welcomed feeling.  The meal planning is going so very well and the trips to the market have greatly diminished.  Daily trips to the gym have also helped lift her spirits.  Recently, at work mouse was approached with three rather large projects and turned to Omega for advice on what to do.  In the past she would have taken all three and killed herself to get them all finished by the deadline.  Everything in the house would have been pushed aside and all that would have made mouse very unbalanced.  Omega discussed with mouse all the projects and decided that she should reject them all, now that surprised mouse but she told them all no.  The following day however, she received a phone call saying there were two much more interesting projects with much longer deadlines, so again mouse went to O and discussed them with him.  He listened and told mouse to take whichever one she felt was the most interesting and reject the other.  He doesn't want mouse becoming overwhelmed.  So, under his guidance mouse picked the more difficult of the two, not because it's difficult but because it's also the most interesting.  It will require some mild juggling of schedules, but nothing that can't be managed.

In fact mouse already has the menu planned out for the next several weeks!  Yes, of course, it was Omega's suggestion, but he was right and it will make life much easier.

The piercings are healing nicely actually.  They are bit painful tho when mouse moves a certain way and saw stars one day when she had squeeze between two cars and squished her breasts.  In an odd way they really demonstrate how committed mouse is to Omega.  Keeping them clean isn't a big deal and Omega checks them a couple times a day.  Sex has been more tricky but we're muddling through that.  Of course Omega gets lots of oral attention which is nice because mouse loves pleasing him that way.


  1. Glad things are going well again and you're back in balance. Have fun at the Halloween party!



  2. Thanks...will write about it probably on Monday or early next week...just depends...



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