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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's in a word?

Omega has strong views on the term "slave" some of them he expressed on my blog a while back in his post Pardon the Intrusion, Omega carefully laid out the case for not using the term slave.   These were his views.  Some agreed with them and others didn't.  

It wasn't easy tho for mouse, in the lifestyle she is a TPE slave to Omega.  As the person serving Omega, mouse just accepted what he said.  Inwardly, she remained conflicted by the distinction.  This conflict continued, for a long while before she was finally able to let it go and accept that she had no defining term, and was not a slave nor a sub.   Still it would come up and mouse would recycle all those feelings again and again.  Yes, yes, yes labels don't matter.  However, it seems there are times that labels do help, as they define what you are to outsiders that instantly they have an idea of what your dynamic is like.  

Yet through all this, in a possible show of his own dichotomy, Omega has on rare occasions used that term to mouse.  Once during a scene, which was kinda dismissed as being role-play.  Another time he used it during punishment.  Now, there was no role-play during the punishment, he was really calling her a slave.  The last time was more recent and out of the blue, Omega said, "Thank you slave."  

That last one struck her like a lightning bolt.  Never once has she doubted what was in her heart, but yet, hearing the word made her heart race.   


  1. There is so much in a single word, but it also is in the delivery of that word. Monkey calls me his Slut (a term of endearment between us) but if anyone else does, I find it very offensive.

  2. While i agree that the label "slave" is used a bit freely..when it describes the actual TPE dynamic between two people it is a beautiful thing.
    Again ..i just love reading your posts.What Omega and you share is an inspiration to many.

  3. In a way, I can completely understand what you mean in this post. I am in a TPE relationship with my Master, who is a Neo-Victorian. He tries to incorporate as much Victorian as he can into his lifestyles, which includes our dynamic. In the Victorian era, they abolished the term "slave" and used "servant" instead. So, he refers to me as his servant. I love everything about him, obviously, and the Victorian thing is one of the things that attracted me to him, and just one of my favorite things about him, so I enjoy using the term servant. But there are times as well where I do feel like "slave" is a stronger term, which more describes how submissive I am to him and how much I am willing to give everything up to him.

  4. I dunno... maybe I'm a little off here, but I've always likened being able to define who I am... whether it's "mom", "author", or even "slave" as a way of even being able to understand myself on a deeper level. There's no one word that can define who we are as a complete person, but I think if one aspect of who we are remained undefined it can cause us to feel off balance.

    A lot of people seem to be against definitions and defining ourselves, but I think it's human nature to do so. In fact, I think it's really necessary for us to be able to define ourselves as a matter of emotional and mental stability.




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