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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kinda nice dream

When mouse was girl, like a million years ago it seems, she used to dream of living what she knows to be now, "off grid."   As a girl she was fascinated by The Little House series.  Honestly she doesn't remember much about what went on, but she does remember reading again and again about life back then.  Pa hunted and smoked the meat for winter, Ma maintained the garden and the girls helped out everywhere.  Oh how mouse wanted to sleep on a bed mattress made of hay and goose feathers!  Yes, it sounds like hay fever but to this mouse it sounded divine!  Even the idea of carrying a lunch in a pale to school and writing on a slate seemed more interesting somehow.  

Just an hour or so to the east of her there's a town where there is no Target, Walmart, or big box place of any kind.  The main street consists of a post office, a bakery, a vegetable and fruit market (they also carry dairy and lots of other stuff), a large butch shop (who will also take care of wild game), a hardware store (that seems to carry everything, a gift shop and florist shop.  At the far end is the school, k-12!  The school was built in the 1800s as were most of the buildings on that main street.  It's quaint.  Opposite the school is a small B&B with a restaurant.  A small block to the left of main street stands a church, and another small restaurant, which serves mostly breakfast, lunch and wonderful coffee.

So, you can imagine when an 1868 farm house on 25 acres of land came up on the market mouse was chomping at the bit for it.  How she could see herself raising her own chickens, sewing her own clothing, living the pioneer life with O.  Omega humored mouse and together we went to see the house.  It was beautiful.  All nicely remodeled but still kept its original charm and style.  A large wood burning stove heats most of the house.  A pellet stove heats the rest...the kitchen had a hearth!  OMG mouse was ready to die looking at it.  

How she wanted this house....she was ready to pack up everything herself and move to this area.  Omega was not as impressed.  Of course he noticed everything wrong with the house, which to be honest wasn't a lot.  He's just not a small town kind of man.  He did that years ago and hated it.  

He didn't outright destroy the dream but he did remind mouse that sure it was nice but after a while, she would miss Target.  He was right as much as mouse hates to admit it, she's a city mouse.


  1. I love Laura.

  2. A dish fetish, odd attachment to Target, and wanting to live the life of Laura?

    mouse, I think you and I were siblings in another life.

  3. I was the exact same about the Little House series. I would have loved that house as well. Not sure whether Master would have humored me enough to move there either, lol. I like beng out of the mainstream. As long as I have good to go, lol

  4. My dream was living like the Cherokee did long ago, but yeah... I get ya. The simpler life... but I think O is right. It would be nice for a while for a change of pace, but it would get old fast.



  5. Mindset -- cool thanks! Ya mouse was totally in love with that series.

    KellyRed -- Hey you never know...LOL We should start a sister of some sort.

    prima angel -- where we live is technically rural, in fact mouse's address isn't an address so much as it's rural route...But we're so close to everything....

    turiya -- They used to have a show...1900s house or something, on PBS years ago....mouse would faithfully watch it...The cleaning would have been a totally horrible thing....



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