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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy freaking day

Good Morning (barely but it's still morning here),

Woke up to NO alarm...power was out.  Jumped out of bed, and woke Omega...Not at all in the way he prefers.  Cooked breakfast while he time for anything including mouse's maintenance.  Omega said it will have to wait.  No orgasms either for mouse today because she didn't set the backup alarm.   He made sure mouse knew Master wasn't happy.  He reached down and touched that area, through the bathrobe mouse was wearing.  Got her all worked up, made her lick his fingers then went to work.

Even now mouse is a squirmy mess!

Trying to stay focused on the chore list for the day that O scribbled out while his other hand was about multi-tasking.

Then she realized she forgot to blog (the power did come back on around 5 minutes after she woke up).

Big apologies!

Hopefully the rest of this dark dreary day will go by faster....And will be a lot less screwed up.


  1. It is never good waking to find the power out and your running late. Hope the rest of the day is good.

  2. *hugs* hope you managed to get caught up on things.


  3. I hate it when the alarm doesn't go off puts me out all day.

    Hope your day gets better Mouse.


  4. mouse...nothing worse than starting the day "wrong" hope it got better for you .


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