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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Has your Master made arrangements for you in the event that something should happen to him? Has he discussed the arrangements with you?

Thanks for such a wonderful question! It is important to discuss these kinds of difficult things. 24-7 type subs or slaves are often left very vulnerable in the event death or their Master or Dom.

Now things are a bit different since mouse and Omega are legally married as well as Master/sub. Since we're married we have taken the proper measures to make sure we're financially safe. We don't carry a lot of personal debt. We also have the proper living trusts, which are important to avoid probate. The house is in mouse's name, so Omega is the beneficiary. All bank accounts are actually joint. Omega keeps a tight watch over the money in those accounts, he definitely knows every purchase made! And also he wants mouse to know about those funds as well.

Before we married we also had a POA (durable power of attorney) in case one of us can't speak, the other can speak for us. This is very important to have. Not just for the bottom but also the top. It only goes into effect if the other person becomes incapacitated.

Sometimes with subs/slaves the Master will make arrangements to have someone step in for them, in the event that something happens to them. This is to protect his property and normally it is someone they have a lot of trust in. Sometimes the slave or sub has no choice but to follow the wishes, other times it's left up to her.

To date Omega has not named anyone for that.

Hope this helped, and thanks again for a wonderful question.


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