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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How did Omega train you?


Not really sure how to answer this, mostly because "training" really never ends. Omega definitely has a process and he continues to refine it and make it work better for the both of us.

The first thing Omega taught his mouse was positions he wanted her know...ways of serving him, pleasing him...what rituals to obey...what to say during the rituals. So, while this might be viewed as a copout, mouse has a hard time answering such a question. Pain is always a part of our dynamic, so Omega would whip mouse often as part of accepting her submission, and over time when it was revealed that mouse was better with the beatings, they continued on a daily basis.

Hope that helped a little at least in answering your question.


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  1. How did I train mouse? Very carefully; such endeavors should begin rather slowly and allowed to flourish on their own.



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