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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Many of the Ms/D's I read about say they have know that they were this way from their first sexual feelings. I personally have had these feelings and desires since I was very young. mouse, I know from reading some of your earliest posts that you did not


Thank you for taking the time to write, not sure exactly where the question was going since it seems to be cut off. Although, mouse doesn't want to assume where you might be going with the question, she will make an attempt.

No, mouse did not have BDSM type of urges, in fact she didn't know this lifestyle even existed. Having said that, a Dom did notice certain things about mouse when she started working for him. Always addressing people above her as Sir or Ma'am. Going out of her way to make sure the ones above her had things the way they liked them. Some preferred voicemail, while others insisted on paper messages. It sounds silly now, but mouse would do that, while others she worked with didn't seem to care.

Certainly if you had a different question please feel free to ask again! However mouse hopes her answer was adequate.


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