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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Often I am taken aback at how people treat one another.  I believe myself to be at least somewhat a gentleman.  There are men who are just miscreant.  They seem to lurk within this lifestyle under, have studied a bit about it and seem to find it a wonderful way to meet women, use them and toss them aside for the next woman who happens along the path. 

This oft wretched behavior turns my stomach.


  1. unfortunately something about me has drawn several of these men you speak of. I am truly hoping that I have broken the pattern I created and have finally found one that will not feel the need to do the same thing.

    I am not doing the same things this time, so I'm optimistic. :)

  2. alisha,

    Hope springs eternal. I wish you nothing but the best all life has to offer.

    Serve well,

  3. I agree 1000%! I have spoken of and written about such so called Doms in the past. (insert Master in place of Dom if you prefer) So many seem to think being Dom sounds fun, but really have no clue what it is really about or entails. While your stomach is turning, I'm just getting pissed off thinking about it. It's just plain wrong!



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