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Monday, November 8, 2010

This is different

Good Morning!

Normally when Omega goes away mouse has always viewed it more or less as a change to relax from the rules.  However this time, it's different.  Instead of seeing this time as a break, mouse instead is using this time to more intensely focus on her rules.   Gotta say Omega was proud of mouse when she told him that.  He always hoped that mouse would so thoroughly embrace who she is, that the thought of shirking her duties would seem just wrong.

Normally when he goes away mouse would slack off on a many things...the meals were often first to go in favor of pizza and other junk.  Dishes would be left in the sink...vacuum not touched.  Then panic would set in in the hours just before he'd arrive.  And there goes mouse rushing to get everything cleaned, the fridge restocked with healthy food choices and the pizza boxes buried waaaay under the trash.

This was cheating the system and lying about how things were when he was away.

Not this time.  This time there is a menu for the week, it's different yes, since it's just the kiddo and mouse, but it's appropriate for us.  The toilets will be scrubbed, floors dusted, vacuum run, dishes washed, laundry loads done etc., just as if Omega were home.

Yes, there is a bit of break on some things, there won't be as many errands to run, and things will be slightly more relaxed around the house.  Maybe relaxed isn't the right word because it's not like Omega keeps us all wound up all the time.  But in the evenings mouse will be able to decide for herself what to watch.  Last night, however mouse completely disappointed herself, instead of watching some drippy chick movie, mouse flipped channels until bedtime, watching a few minutes of this, a few more minutes of that.

Backing up a bit...

Saturday was very nice with after Omega confirmed his travel arrangements and made sure his case was fully packed, we went out and enjoyed the day.  The weather wasn't horrible, so we hiked up to see a waterfall.  The fall leaves falling covering everything in a cloak of orange, red and yellows, was actually beautiful and stunning at the same time.  In the evening we all went out for dinner and talked about the upcoming week.

Even then, mouse couldn't wait until Thursday when he's back home and all the while she couldn't stop thinking that he hadn't even left yet.  Sunday morning's alarm came too early, despite getting that extra hour of sleep, and within an all too short amount of time he was on his way to the airport.  Of course he spent time texting mouse, right up until the plane was ready to depart, then the long silence until it landed safely.  Meanwhile mouse did all the things she'd be doing if Omega were home.  Even a Sunday dinner for friends...

Maybe it more about wanting people around and the company...a time to pretend a little maybe that he was just in the other room watching football.

Then the friends left, the kitchen needed cleaning, but that didn't take too long, and soon enough there wasn't a lot left to do.  Except sit and flip channels on the TV.  Sunday evening mouse did her evening ritual, checked her piercings and readied herself for bed by putting on one of Omega's work smelled like him, and then mouse placed all the pillows all over the bed, under the blankets and tried to snuggle beside them.

Sleep eventually came...but it wasn't an easy sleep.  Tonight will be better.


  1. Focusing is so hard when they are distant. The time will fly by if you keep that focus. I find it hardest when I am not focusing on what would please Monkey. Good Luck!


  2. You have a great mindset for Omega's time away. I also struggle when either myself or master is away. Good luck and you are off to a great start!

  3. Good luck, I know anytime my dearest is away it is very hard on me!!! We spend a lot of time a part, so I couldn't imagine how I would feel if we were together all the time and I had to be without him for days at a time.

    But at least you want to follow rules while he is away!! That is very awesome :D.

  4. It's hard when our Master's are away. You are doing very well this time.

  5. Mouse, my husband always leaves a t-shirt he has worn the past weekend for me to wear to bed when he is gone. It's one of my favorite things. I hope your time apart goes quickly and successfully.

  6. It will be so much less stressful when he comes back and you'll be able to enjoy it so much more


  7. Sending lots of hugs and hopes that Thursday comes quickly for you.



  8. Mindset...Yup...trying really hard and it's not that bad..or at least too far...

    abby...thanks; feeling really positive about it all.

    BiancaSmith...It is really something new for mouse totally adhering to da rulz, while he's away.

    Anonymous, thanks

    greengirl....mouse spent the night in one of his dress helped....along with bunching up the pillows... can't wait for him to come home...heck mouse was counting it down before he even left!

    turiya....Thanks hope so too....

    Hugs and thanks everyone,

  9. sounds like you are doing ok.....He will be home soon!!


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