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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Then again...

Good Morning,

Well, it occurred to mouse that although she's doing most things the same as if Omega were around, there are a few things that she isn't.  One is she's not wearing makeup, Sunday she did but only because she had company for dinner.  Yesterday was a pass on it, and today it seems will likely be also.  Not saying this a total return of anti-girl, but there just doesn't seem to be much of a point to getting all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Perfume is another thing mouse hasn't been wearing...Just because.

This is obviously something mouse is struggling with and while it seems like it's not very important, mouse is still struggling with whether it is or isn't.   It's not like Omega doesn't know about this, mouse shared it with him, but he just didn't say anything about it -- or maybe it just wasn't important enough.  Maybe all this mental struggle is more in mouse's head than based in any reality.  Or perhaps she's hoping that O might punish her for it?  Or at the very least demand that she do and correct her.

The piercings are actually healing very well.   The nipples are still super tender, but mouse is now able to return to her other bra.  The labia ones seem just fine.

Other than makeup and perfume, mouse is doing really well at sticking to her exercise, cleaning, cooking and work schedules, so in that respect Omega will be proud of how well mouse has done.  And honestly mouse is kinda proud of herself too on that.


  1. mouse, I'm always impressed with your diligence and committment to sticking to the schedule and getting things done. I don't know what to say about the makeup thing... I hope that you are able to work that out so you don't have to stress about it the next couple days.

  2. I would think that those things are something done for 2 reasons: personal feelings about yourself (I always feel better about myself when I actually get dressed and try to look good) and also for him, to show that you care enough about him to want to look good for him.

    So with him gone, the second one doesn't really apply. And since you are still doing everything else you need to do, it sounds like you are feeling pretty good about yourself. So I'll bet he isn't even that worried about it.

    Except maybe as a whole "rules" thing... hmm... Daddy always gets me with that one, regardless of my wonderful logic! Maybe you better not listen to me... <3

  3. mouse..i am kinda proud of you too...and i totally understand trying to stay Master will be out of town until early next week.(i hope time flies for both of us!)

  4. you're doing great!


  5. I think if the main reason for the getting dressed up and wearing makeup is for him (in your own mind) maybe you're just feeling it's pointless to do if he's not there to enjoy it. If doing it makes you feel good then maybe just kinda do it for yourself right now... then again... maybe that's the issue and you're just not wanting to do something just for yourself?

    Somehow I doubt after everything that's happened in the last few weeks or so, that you'd actually be looking for punishment. I mean you thought the last thing was that and it turned out to be something completely unexpected... could be with this too.

    Hang in there... I'm sure O will be able to help you sort it out once he's home.



  6. Thanks Ally...this time mouse is sticking to most things with the exception of the stuff mentioned this morning...dunno just not feeling it.

    LB....Yes mouse does feel pretty good about most of it. Really keeping her focus on all the important stuff. Tomorrow mouse has a meeting, so make-up then is a good idea. ;-)

    His mountain girl, ya normally mouse would totally view it as a vacation from Da Rulz, but this time mouse doesn't see it that way.

    Thanks khalida

    turiya -- you might be on to something...maybe the whole make-up/perfume thing is done just because O likes it so mouse does it just for him. Maybe she's just looking at the whole thing wrong.

    Hugs and thanks for the comments everyone,


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