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Monday, November 1, 2010


This morning mouse was reading through some of blog posts from last year.  Yes, it's part of mouse's focus rules, but also because she really wanted to.  What a difference a year makes and it's been a huge transformation in mouse.  Last year in November mouse was struggling over the thought of losing her "I" only to discover she's been just as happy without it.  Something has happened the inner slave, or whatever you want to call her, has come out and been allowed to shine.  It's nice and comforting.  Honestly the inner slave isn't such a bad person or that far away from mouse now.

Maybe it's a softer, gentler mouse now.  Another change is bad language is really forbidden and that's something mouse truly struggles with not so much with her blog but in real life.  It's getting better but that's a slooooooow process.  Also at this time last year Omega and mouse together were struggling, outside influences, jobs, yanno life in general but we came through it all just fine and even closer than before.   Together we learned.

It also comes to mouse's attention that perhaps the biggest changes are the ones that didn't get written about, like offering Omega more personal control over her career.  It seems wrong, or counter intuitive.  But for mouse it works because she's so afraid of saying no to anyone.  Now Omega by extending his power, allows or gives mouse permission to say no now.  And that's been a huge thing for mouse.  Of course she doesn't say, Master said no.   She'll say that needs to think about it, then returns with a final decision.

The Halloween party was wonderful Saturday night, and mouse was the perfect wench to Omega's Jack the Ripper...

When we came home from the party, after O drove the sitter home,  we met up in the basement where mouse was the subject of some rather intense flogging.  He also checked over the piercings and cleaned them for mouse (because mouse was in no condition after the flogging to do much of anything).  The labia ones are healing fairly quickly it seems...the breast ones are still very tender.   Omega was whispering into mouse's ear what he plans to do to them once they've healed.

Halloween morning we both had to wake early...O likens Halloween to what most people view Christmas to be.  He was barking orders and commands left and right to get the house ready.   The whole day mouse remained quiet, which is kinda typical after a flogging, her headspace isn't exactly all there.  It really didn't matter what we did, as long as we were together, because it was one of those days where Omega was constantly telling mouse to move away from him, because she was always under his feet.

After Omega had scared thoroughly all the neighborhood children, we turned the lights off and watched the Omen (the original, not the remake).  Truth be told, mouse fell asleep watching it while resting her head on O's lap.  As she slept she had a crazy dream about O shaving her head!  Thanks sin.   Omega chuckled when mouse told him.  He grabbed her hair caveman style, dragged her somewhat up the stairs, and didn't let go until his seed was spilled into her throat.  All mouse could think was thank goodness he likes long hair!


  1. Giggle... thank goodness they all like long hair.

  2. Haha! i had the same dream too! Sin, you're so influential on all of us. i'm in the 'thankfully He likes long hair' boat, too.


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