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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saucerful of Secrets

And really mouse has no clue what to write about.  Yesterday, she took down all the halloween things, and started putting up Christmas things....yes...the lunacy!  Really, even she knows that its crazy.  Christmas dishes went into the china cabinet.  Well, they don't really scream Christmas...more of a winter scene, but as Omega would point out there is a tree, with ornaments, and  a star.

Ya, Christmas.

Started going through the Holiday Card list and looked that over.  Already ordered back in September cutesy return address labels with caricature avatar-like depictions of us (including the dog) wearing Santa hats.

Began holiday shopping...Ya sicko.  Got two things for O, and no sooooo not saying what they are....After all, it's the season of secrets.

It's that time of the year when you bring things home and no one looks through the bags.  It's interesting.  And a bit unsettling.  Do they just not care?  Don't want to ruin the surprise?  Normally when bags are brought into the house they're all ransacking them like a pack of wolves.

Boxes arrive at the house and are placed in closets, silent prayers are given up that they'll be remembered when the time comes to wrap them.

Going over the Thanksgiving menu and started clipping coupons for all those things you need. Baking powder, flour..fresh cranberry....Preparing a shopping list....A Thanksgiving food shopping list.  That way each time a grocery store is visited hopefully something will be taken off the list, or maybe an angel gets their atheists have no clue.

But if you're atheist why do you have a nativity scene...hmmm good question.  Why not?  It's old and been in the family for a thousand years...ok not that long but it was around 1973 when it was first purchased at a Woolworth.

Remember those places?  They had a diner with a long counter.  Don't remember much about the store, except for the diner.  This was back in the day before mall food...if you wanted to sit down you had to go to a Zims.  Doggie Diner was for takeout.  The big trip was to go downtown, to the Emporium to see Santa the day after Thanksgiving.  Waaaay up on the roof.

Guess the answer is maybe it's just for the memories of Christmas' past...


  1. Awwww!! Woolsworth! Memories of the Saturday shopping ritual. I was just blogging about downtown where Woolsworth was!


  2. You seem very organised Mouse. My Christmas never starts until 1st December, well expect the Christmas cards.

    All our Woolworth stores are closed.


  3. Ahhh, The Emporium...I learned to shop there. My Grandma was an olympic class shopper.

    That is where my aunt bought me my "Snow scene" dish set that I will take out and put in the china cabinet soon, but not quite yet..

    Do you remember the crnival on the roof every year? With a ferris Wheel no less.

    The first picture of Santa and I. I was quite obviously terrorstricken.

    My first pair of heels (2 inch velvet for my Aunts wedding)came from there.

    The Emporium figured large in my childhood.

  4. Mindset....Ya Woolworth's was high point of a shopping could stop for lunch! LOL My mom and Grandma would drag me all over the place...oh gosh it was BORING!

    ronnie...Ya ours all closed down years ago. Kinda miss them. No, not organized...just insane for the holidays.

    KellyRed...The downtown San Francisco one had the carnival back when my mom was a little girl...don't really remember that too much because they stopped it in the mid 70s I guess. Then in the years just before the store closed (sometime in the 80s) they brought it back and OMG it was fun.

    The big things I remember was the going there and Macy's the day after Christmas (always Emporium first because honestly even then they had the best deals) and buy ornaments and gift wrap...boxes...and all that stuff. LOL

    I remember very clearly getting up early the day after Christmas and buying TONS of ornaments, just grabbing whatever they had, for my first Christmas Tree the following Christmas!

    The last Christmas the store was open, I remember going and buying TONS and TONS of gift wrap! In fact I finally used the last of it, like LAST christmas....Truly an end of era!

    Thanks all for the walk down memory lane!



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