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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

puppet show

Good Morning,

Very often, over the course of keeping this blog, mouse as described herself as a puppet and Omega just pulling the strings.  This was very true last evening when Omega called for the second time that evening.  He asked mouse if she was ready for bed and mouse replied that she was just beginning her evening ritual. He stayed on the phone throughout it all, talking to mouse about this and that.  Then he told her to climb into bed nude.  He made mouse touch herself in ways that made her blush over the phone.

Pulling the strings he knows so well, he compelled mouse to receive pleasure.  He had mouse using all sorts of words that are normally just too explicate for her repeat.  When it was finished, it was as though she'd been thoroughly used up by Omega.  It was intense and raw...and mouse only wished he could be there.  However being so amped up sleep didn't come so quickly after hanging up the phone.

Thank you Omega for giving mouse such a wonderful evening...Can't wait until your home to do all that in person!

The minutes clicked slowly by, as the mouse, laying quietly in bed, began to cry from missing Omega.  Pushing those lonely thoughts out of her head, mouse started thinking about ways she could further her own submission (slavery) to Omega.  When over the weekend Master changed just a few of the rules (many of them, he explained, will be staying until the New Year), but the big one he added was the one about mouse being proactive in her slavery to Master.  This no doubt was because of some recent blog posts where mouse made some pretty big observations in herself.

With that in mind mouse resolved to limit the use of "I" in her everyday speech regardless of who is around, to talk in fact as though she were speaking privately with Omega.  This is not a new concept to mouse, as her first owner required it,  and although it was in his eyes a method of increasing punishments for failure to adhere to the rule, Omega has no such intentions.  As time passed, mouse found it rather easy to refrain from using that pronoun.  In part this has always remained part of mouse but as the years passed where she was unowned and alone, the use of "I" slowly crept back into her life, but never as it was before.  Of course old habits die hard sometimes.

In part this came about when she read on turiya's blog about how refraining from the "I" made her feel.  Now at the time mouse read the post, she didn't think too much about it because Omega has required this for sometime now in our own private time.  It occurred to mouse that although it's never ever been a hard rule, mouse incorporated that into her blog.  It was never something that Omega expected mouse to do but it was something that mouse wanted to do.  Although when mouse did a few times, Omega did say that he enjoyed it and hoped that mouse would continue.  Was she, at that time, being proactive?  Maybe she was on some level furthering her own submission.

Oddly enough Omega has always said to mouse that submission is given freely or not at all.  It can't be taken or demanded.  And he's pointed out several times that it's so much sexier for a woman to be begging for use, than it is to command the woman to beg for it.   Another important lesson learned.


  1. It sounds like you had a good night even with the distance and a little loneliness. My Master says the same thing about it being more enjoyable having a woman that wants too and does beg and serve without having to be told to do so. He likes when I take the initiative and he sees it is my truest desire to be his and serve him.

  2. *giggles and snickers* thank goodness for phone calls!

    Thanks for the "I" concept...something to ponder.


  3. thank you mouse...very inspiring.

  4. First of all *big hugs*... only one more day to go. Well less than a day now.

    Asha and I had been talking a lot about being more proactive about things too. I think my wanting to use third person with him and things of that nature really did stem from that because he only started having me use third person again because of that desire.

    He also has told me that he finds it more pleasing to have me offer things rather than him having to demand them. He doesn't really like demanding anything... he thinks of it as a constant struggle or forcing someone to do something they really don't want to do. So whenever I offer something (whether sexual or not) he's always quick to praise me and say that he would really like me to continue doing it.

    Hmmm... I suddenly feel like posting. LOL



  5. very true and wonderful because you know that you're totally pleasing them!

    Mindset...Phone sex doesn't suck. And, pondering is always a good thing.'re welcome.

    turiya...Little late for this but ya being proactive is really a nice thing for you both. Instead of just waiting for the Dom to come up with ways to further your own submission, coming up with your own and moving forward with them if they're already within the boundaries of your rules, is really wonderful.




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