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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There are times where mouse truly believes she has the word "sucker" stamped on her forehead.  Sunday was brunch with the drunk brunch club.  Normally we don't do anything involving families, it's our time.   We schedule movie nights around movie premieres we all want to see...It's very vanilla and ya fun.  The one big exception is our holiday soiree.  Husbands, kids, other friends, extended family...all are included.

The process is simple we always rotate the location and there is 8 of us so it's only really once every 8 years, barring conflicts.  The conflicts are actually few but happen on occasion.  Last year was Lucy's year to host it, but was still going through all her issues so she begged off and switched with someone else.  Normally yours truly would be her "go to" girl for that but honestly it wasn't the right time for either of us.

Our good friend Martha (so not her real name),  this year is in the middle of a huge kitchen remodel that won't be done until hopefully the week after our party, which ironically is Christmas week.   She called me, and begged to switch with me, because I'm supposed to host next year's event.  Now I was actually looking forward to this party.  Thinking, after this past week of the invasion of the soul snatchers, to go to a party where the biggest problem is dropping a dish of dip on a table, and finding the bar would be nice.  Of course Omega had to agree with it all, which after a loud groan he did because he also knows that I'll be off the hook for next year.  The house is already cleaned up, more or less ready to go anyway and this would just inspire it to remain that way.

Now, I'm planning the event, but Martha didn't leave me high and dry, she had already made of plans, so she handed them over to me.  Oh goody.  We usually have around 50 people, so everyone brings a dish, and the person hosting provides a main dish, condiments and all that other crap.  Everything is divided according to last name so we don't end up with 20 desserts.  Appetizers, sides, desserts, drinks....

So, I'm trying to decide now on what the main dish will be.  Yes, while everyone is still here.  It needs to be planned so I can talk with other side dish bringers so we can coordinate our efforts.   Omega said we should just get a ham....I'm actually thinking about it.  It really leaves all the side dishes wide open.  He said he'd take care of stocking the bar (he's just so thoughtful that way).

It's like three weeks away, so I'm thinking this is totally doable.  Wait until it gets closer I won't be nearly as gracious.


  1. I agree... ham is easy and goes with anything. And I think at this point for you... easy and simple is probably the best option! And damn I could use a drink... ;)



  2. Sounds like a fun party. Don't think about the "sucker" part.


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