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Monday, November 29, 2010

I feel sufficiently old now. "The List" is a list of people who you are allowed to cheat on your significant other with. If you are young or not in a relationship, you may not have or need one. Fuck, I'm a damn fossil....

The list! LMAO! Yes, it's been discussed before!

In no particular order....

George Clooney
Mike Rowe (dirty Jobs dude)
Denzel Washington
Robert Downey Jr
Orlando Bloom (in full pirate regalia)
Liam Neeson (he's just yummy)

And the character Data from Star Trek the Next android...he'd never get tired....has no feelings to be hurt and is versed in many different positions...

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  1. LOL....can i add Johnny Depp?in full Pirate costume of course!!...
    too cute!......thanks for the giggle!....

  2. LOL! This is funny, but I can totally relate. Every time I look back at my life, and I guess I still see myself in my 20's and 30's, I realize how long ago something happened.

    I was flipping channels the other day and came across the movie Footloose. I remember when that came out and what a hit it was. then I looked and saw what year it came out. It was like 25 years ago. the same thing when I cam across Raiders of the Lost Ark. Damn I feel old. LOL! Being 40 sucks!!!

  3. Wow, mouse. Substitute Johnny Depp for Orlando Bloom (although Orlando as Legolas might do it)and your list is my list. Good Taste woman!(from the cougar front, I'd add Zachary Levi also)

  4. Orlando Bloom... yummy... but I dunno. I think I liked him more as an elf. :-D Oh and Ewan McGreggor... hehe.



  5. Orlando Bloom? You're kidding me. I love the rest of your list. Lots of overlap with mine but ... Oh well, I guess life wouldn't be very interesting if we all liked exactly the same things, would it?

  6. Oh and Data, just cause heMs '"fully functional" I presume. I wonder if you'd have to tell him what to do?


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