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Monday, November 29, 2010

Potatoes and shopping

As I wrote on Friday's post, there was a debate about the potatoes...I use the word debate because it's more polite than argument.  One of O's aunts makes lumpy potatoes that no one can stand.  I make lumpy potatoes that are good.   I don't over mash them.   I buy Yukon Gold potatoes.  I leave the skins on them and mash them just a little bit with some sour cream.  I think they're yummy.  O likes them (and he doesn't eat potatoes).

The family took one look and turned their noses up.  Then they tasted them...they're not crunchy?  Of course not, they're cooked.  The turkey was perfect and not at all dry.

No one helped clean the kitchen....Not even an offer.  I worked for hours....I cleaned for a couple more.  AT the end of the evening, it was time to serve dessert.   Pumpkin pie, which I can't stand and a pecan pie which I love.  I'm stuck with tons of pumpkin pie left.  I didn't get a piece of pecan.

Bastards.  Everyone complained about there not being any pumpkin pie.  Seriously they all I relented and baked a pumpkin pie.

At that point Omega came and said he'd finish cleaning up, and whispered into my ear that I should take a bath and go to bed.

I did.  It was 7PM.  I didn't care.

At around 11 O came up, everyone else had gone to bed finally.  I was dead to the world.  He said Friday morning he nudged me...but I didn't move.

I woke around 3 and thought...Black Friday!  Shopping!  Ran downstairs with the idea that I would sneak out of the house, and meet Lucy at Kohls.  One of O's Aunts was awake.  I felt like a kid with their fingers stuck in the cookie jar.

She went with us.  OMG she was fun!  She got into a fight over a tablecloth.  Lucy agreed that woman can shop with us anytime.  Despite being in her 70s she wore us out.

We met up with some other friends, and decided to invite her along to brunch....again the woman was a kick...really this person was staying in my home?  She wasn't anything like the others.  She was fun, but very quiet.....A lot like Omega.  With us, she was funny, bawdy old broad.  Not afraid of saying the word cocksucker.

We liked her.  When we got back to the house, the morning was well underway.  Everyone was up, and O was cooking breakfast.  We hid the packages, and joined them.  O and I work well together in the kitchen and we banter about the process.  Favorite Aunt was laughing.  Found out she's O's favorite aunt and mouse could see why.

O drove some of them to the airport later on Friday.  Still have a full house tho, but not at least now, everyone has a room.


  1. You found the hidden gold, the silver Auntie lining!

  2. The aunt sounds nice.

    P would love those potatoes, me, no, I like mine really mashed :)


  3. Cool! I make my mashed potatoes the same way... with the sour cream and I also add some chives. Very yummy. And the aunt definitely sounds cool... glad you were able to salvage some of the time and have at least some fun!

    It's a shame no one offered to at least help you clean, though... I remember thanksgivings at my grandmothers. As a tradition the children were always off playing, the women were in the kitchen doing the cooking and then cleaning... and the men... well they were downstairs watching football on the big screen tv and drinking beer. LOL It was great times.




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